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Excellent Tools Need You

Tools Are Essential - So Are You

Before we turn our attention to the actual Solo build It! Tools, a brief refresher to put tools into context, is in order.

No Mystery

To the person who achieves, there is no mystery to a given achievement when one:

  • Has access to the appropriate tools
  • Understands a given tool’s function
  •    Has a clear idea of the desired result

And . . .

  • Is determined to use a tool correctly


When in my well equipped workshop, visitors will solemnly declare, more often than I feel comfortable with, “You can do this or that because you have the tools.”

"No” - I just as solemnly reply, “I can do this or that because I have learnt how to use my tools”.

So it is with successful SBI!ers. This diverse group of enthusiasts have learnt how to use the SBI! suite of cutting edge tools. Every tool these enthusiasts master meets their purpose with aplomb.

Combined with their expertise and determined ability to follow through, succeeding in their chosen niche is inevitable. 

Whether spiritual or physical

Simple or complex


When used competently

Allow us to accomplish desired goals

Optimal Functionality Via Integration

For a thing, any thing, to function, let alone function optimally, essential elements must be present. The more complex a thing, the more elements involved, the more effort required to produce that complex thing. A machine is a good example.

Similarly, in the world of business, processes, in the technical sense, - meaning Computerized Systems - are becoming ever more effective and efficient . . .  and complex.

Each software tool involved in a given process has it’s own development, system integration, maintenance, and security demands.

 Integration in particular, is a critical element of computerized systems. Online or off.

Elements composing any system must, in computer jargon, “play nice” with each other to avoid system crashes. Or worse, security breaches. Either can result in hurtful loss of data and expensive downtime.

Achieving software integration requires specialized knowledge.

As technical complexity increases - without specialized knowledge Partnerships become inevitable

Recognizing and choosing an honest capable supplier of technical services as a partner is a high priority responsibility of an effective Web Solopreneur

Fit Partners

An able gardener partners with Nature to create an environment that produces healthy, nutritious, and delicious food. Or stunning landscapes that leave one in awe of his or her abilities. Some gardeners can do both.

Deciding what to plant, when, and where, along with cultivating, and nurturing, is the domain of the knowledgeable gardener. Nature, unobtrusive in the background, takes care of the rest.

A dedicated gardener and Nature are a potent combination.

In this analogy, you are the Gardener, and SiteSell is Nature humming away unobtrusively in the background.

SiteSell - the creator and maintainer of Solo build It Tools offers an Integrated, up to date Business Building System. And the promise that SiteSell sites never go off air.

Part of the priceless peace of mind SBI! members enjoy.

Solo Build It Tools - Your MBA

Solo Build It tools make up a complex system. SiteSell founder, Ken Evoy, describes SBI! as a Master of Business Administration for small business. Being familiar with the curriculum of an MBA, I concur with his description, finding it both accurate and inspiring.

It is not of course, a formal MBA. That matters not. SBI! teaches the same sound business principles you will find in a formal MBA. With the emphasis on building a successful e-business.

As a determined Solopreneur, SBI! is everything you need to prevail.

Doing the right thing

The right way

For the right reason

At the right time

Is powerful stuff

This is the essence of SBI! and is a comforting posture indeed

To paraphrase Ken,You won’t have a certificate when you graduate, but you will have a business and know how to operate it.” An enticing thought, particularly when one considers the cost of a quality formal MBA would fund the subscription to SBI! for multiple lifetimes.

We Live Complex lives

Our modern lives are an array of complexity. We live in a high tech World, filled with high tech things. Things we use and operate without a second thought as to how complex they are.

We don't need to know the inner workings of any high tech item - unless that is our passion.

From that viewpoint I am grateful that SiteSell has built a state of the art complex system. Capable of not only keeping pace with, and moving in whatever direction innovative new technology takes us, but also often leading the way with her own innovations.

 You can use Solo Build It Tools without understanding their inner workings. In the full knowledge that you am using not only a state of the art system, but a cutting edge system, enabling you to to focus on what is important . . . 

Using SBI! for it’s intended purpose . . .

Building a flourishing web business

With this Fit Partner analogy - and SiteSell’s Integrated System in mind

Let’s review a sampling of  the Solo build It!  business building platform Tools

Solo Build It! Tools Rock!

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