Learning How To Develop A Positive Attitude Is A Journey Of Self Discovery

Prelude To How To Develop A Positive Attitude

How to develop a Positive Attitude must be one of the most common, and penetrating, questions Humans have ever asked. Even if the questioner travels no further afield on this essential quest for Self Advancement, than querying his or her own Mind. Which, by the way, is an excellent place to begin.

It ain't easy being green. Kermit the frog

In a Paradoxical twist, one usually needs to travel further afield to find that the answer does indeed reside in his or her own Mind. Such is the Human condition.

Constructing and developing a Positive Attitude is a journey of self discovery.

We prelude our journey of discovery with a brief overview of what a Positive Attitude is composed of, and why it is so important to expand our own Mind.

It Ain't Easy Being Green

Kermit the Frog, during an inauspicious moment in his career, observed that - It ain’t easy being green. Not one to be fazed by a seeming difficulty, Kermit valiantly persevered in his calling, and once he discovered who he was, went on to become a famous Froganality.

How to develop a Positive Attitude initially presents a similar situation. In the same sense we are asking - How do I be me??

It is best to acknowledge that all Humans are unique. Being unique implies that our Abilities, Desires, Viewpoints, Capacities, Inclinations, Tastes, Perceptions,Traits, and Foibles - Mental and Physical  - vary.

Often varying dramatically from person to person. Although we share numerous similarities with our fellows, every Human is an original. This insight helps lay the groundwork for our Attitude building efforts.


It is easy to be what is generally believed to be Positive when things are going our way. If we investigate this state of Mind a little more closely, we find we are more likely experiencing exuberance. Feeling the effects of exuberance is a product of, usually temporary, agreeable circumstances.

Does it have to be this way?

Favorable circumstances will inevitably fade and dissipate.

While we may not descend into negativity when they do, we most certainly experience a sense of indefinable loss until other pliant circumstances emerge to reignite our sense of Enthusiasm and liveliness.

The question, does it have to be this way? intrudes on our musing. At the same time we are inclined to believe an emotional roller coaster ride through Life to be normal.

The answer to does it have to be this way? is an emphatic, No!

Because . . .

Superficial Feelings Are Not A Positive Attitude

On the surface it may appear that Positivity is generic, that all Positivity is the same. A critical, in depth examination of the phenomenon of Attitude tells the true story. That story is embodied on this Website. There is a stark difference between exuberance, or merely feeling on the top of the World, and a Positive Attitude.

The former is a feeling, variable and transient.

The latter, the real thing, is a State Of Mind that is permanent, ever stable, ever reliable, and ever Dependable.

The Real Thing Is Complex

A Positive State Of Mind is a product of Wisdom. Wisdom is a product of Understanding. Understanding is a product of Knowledge. Knowledge is a product of Education tempered with Reflection. Education is an expansion, or a drawing out, of the Immensity of one’s Mind, enabling an individual to apply Wisdom to practical, beneficial, equitable ends. Doing so with equanimity. A positive State Of Mind is necessarily complex and deep.

It needs to be so to enable one to take the hit and miss out of Life

Learning how to develop a Positive Attitude requires one to become conversant with each of these integrated contributing factors.

No Fixed Formula

Whilst there is a best place to begin, there is no fixed formula one can apply to developing one’s Mind. Nor is a fixed formula necessary. It is the Understanding that is paramount. How you draw out the immensity of your Mind must be compatible with your Intrinsic Self.

There are  more than adequate Principles and guidelines offered by Nature that we can adopt and utilize to satisfy our individual learning needs, in our quest to reach the ultimate goal of Wisdom.

Principles and Guidelines constitute the contents of pdThinker.com. Assimilating this content, making it your own, will go far in assisting your Attitude Building efforts.

Developing a Positive Attitude is activated by our becoming aware of our moment to moment Thought patterns. And how the intensity of Thought motivates one - via one's Emotions - to action, or renders one immobile. 

Notwithstanding the fact that a fixed formula isn't essential, there are many useful structured courses available that deal with, and support, various aspects of Mind Development.

These courses can be a valuable adjunct to other forms of learning.

Understanding Self

Understanding oneself and what motivates you, is just the beginning of developing and expanding the latent Powerhouse we call Mind. Your personal and particular requirements will differ from others.

Recognizing and fulfilling those requirements, in a rational manner, lays a solid foundation on which to build a Positive Outlook. From this point on you will continuously develop the ability to liberate the latent Power that resides within.

How far and where you go, exercising the new power of your Mind is your prerogative. Power carries responsibility. Choices must be made. Reflecting on this unavoidable duality prompts a sobering caution. A caution that can be condensed into a single piece of sound advice.

 Use your newfound Power for the express purpose of enacting Good

History tirelessly informs us, with graphic evidence, that rejection of this sound advice, is the root of - past and current - every Human caused woe.

Two More Essential Ingredients

Belonging to the Human species, we share countless similarities. Of most interest to us in the context of developing a Positive Attitude is the similarity of our Brain, and the astonishing Intelligence it is capable of producing.

To be truly effective you must do it your way

These two vital elements constitute the Physical and Spiritual basis from which our Attitude emanates.

Our Attitude determines the results of our endeavors. How we utilize these Spiritual and Physical gifts from Nature, is pivotal to our Well-being, and Progress, in Life.

As we purposely develops a Positive Attitude, we also develop the ability to anticipate the consequences of our actions.

Possessing the capability to foresee results, increases our Conscious Awareness. Which in turn tends to temper our ability to direct our Mind Power towards executing Good exclusively.

Under these circumstances, evil holds no attraction and is rendered redundant

Your Way Or The Highway

Brain and intelligence utilization must be entirely sovereign. To be truly effective you must do it your way, at your own, resolute, pace. The Understanding of this requirement is pivotal to comprehending how to develop a Positive Attitude.

Comprehending how to develop a Positive Attitude has nothing in common with Rebellion. It has everything to do with Autonomy.  A Positive State Of Mind and Autonomy constitute the Wellspring from which all Human progress and achievement - personal and collective - flows.

Intellectual Autonomy Comes First

Autonomy allows an individual to utilize the many Benefits offered by expanding one’s Mind. Autonomy does not mean one lives, learns and acts in isolation. It means you are in charge of you. You do your own Thinking, and make your own decisions. You achieve total autonomy by taking charge of your Thoughts.

Intellectual Autonomy precedes Physical Autonomy

Political and personal freedom are facilitated by Intellectual Autonomy, and executed through a Positive Attitude, domiciled in a Positive State of Mind.

Dark Cloud With A Silver Lining

The current state of affairs World wide, hence the sorry Human Condition, is a miserable indictment of the widespread lack of understanding of how to develop a Positive Attitude.

This fact should not deter you.

We can take a cue from Kermit here. We can forge ahead in our calling by building a Positive State Of Mind.

The silver lining of this dark cloud of chaos Humanity has visited upon itself, is that landscape of opportunity patiently awaiting the attention of intrepid individuals who desire to know how to develop a Positive Attitude.

With the Right Mindset, this same sorry, abused World is your oyster. Meaning no opportunity is out of your reach.

The foregoing assertion is adequately validated by examples of resilient souls who expressed their Human Intelligence in the face of - oftentimes violent - tremendous opposition by their ignorant counterparts.

The Importance Of Developing A Positive Attitude

A Positive Mindset is an Asset of such immense value that can be only be appreciated by one’s capacity to assimilate the progress forward thinking Humans have so far made, utilizing their Brains and Intelligence to overcome the utter ignorance of brute force inflicted on them by lesser Minds.

A Positive Attitude is paramount to  counter ignorance.

  The timeless, ceaseless, endeavor to prevail against the forces of ignorance, inevitably manifesting as evil, is still being played out on the World stage.

A collective Positive Attitude is paramount to successfully counter ignorance. A collective Positive State Of Mind is essential to maintaining Peace and Prosperity.

We will witness Conflict Resolution on a much wider scale when more participants involved in tiresome attempts to dominate one another recognize the practical inefficiency of this method and dare question it’s effectiveness.

When sufficient individuals acknowledge this necessary to progress insight, and set in motion a Desire to build a Positive Attitude, founded in Moral Fortitude, Peace and Goodwill emerge.

When all parties to negotiations possess a Positive Mental Attitude, those negotiations always will conclude in a constructive, affirmative manner.

Powerful Mind

A Positive Mental Attitude is the foundation that a powerful Mind is built upon. A powerful Mind enables one to solve problems, in a resolute manner, without resorting to violence, or impinging on others rights, or abusing the environment that so unstintingly  provides for our individual and collective Spiritual well-being and Material progress.

 Cogent Reminder To Remember

There is a reminder on every page of this website, cogently expressed in the endearing Irish Proverb - We are all the same - except for one darn thing - we are all different - to help stabilize one, on the path of Tolerance, when interacting with each other, in every manner or form.

We will live in the best of worlds

Intelligence of the highest order is a Positive State Of Mind demonstrated as Tolerance, manifesting as Harmony, that enables diverse personalities to live and work together. For mutual benefit.

We need many more Good Humans to learn how to develop a Positive Attitude. When that time arrives, Sophocles will be proven to have been misled.

Because . . . 

We know we can, and will be, living in the best of Worlds. 

Therein lies the Potential Power of a - collective - Positive State Of Mind.


 If this author were asked to describe pdThinker.com in one sentence, he would immediately respond that this Website is all about How To Develop A Positive Attitude.

Learning How To Develop A Positive Attitude Rocks!

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