Maintaining A Positive Attitude Is As Important As Developing A Positive Attitude

Maintaining A positive Attitude

Maintaining a Positive Attitude is equally important as developing this highly sought after Mental State. Maintenance plays a key role in both consolidation of what we have already achieved in mind management, and our ongoing enhancement efforts. Akin to physical exercise building physical muscle, practicing Positive Thinking builds Mental Muscle.

Building Mental Muscle demands as much exertion as does it’s physical counterpart. Yet is comfortingly joyful to do when you know how. The rewards for devoted effort are substantial and accumulative. Lasting for as long as one continues to uphold this worthwhile endeavor.

Becoming familiar with, understanding, and implementing the most effective methods of maintaining a Positive Attitude are essential stages of one's self education.

These stages are necessary investments in the building of the most valuable asset a human Being can construct.

A Valuable Asset Indeed

There can be doubt, a highly developed, finely tuned Positive Attitude is an asset of immeasurable value. Exquisite value that is complex, demanding, and challenging to maintain.

Nevertheless, it is the pivotal ingredient in achievement of every description.

It is an indispensable factor in all worthwhile endeavor, and the flux that underpins Sound Relationships. It is the linchpin of  invention and innovation, and it is the most effective conduit by which one contacts Spiritual Intelligence, the Storehouse of all knowledge.

In accord with concern for any of our valuable assets, maintaining a Positive Attitude is not onerous. It is an investment of the first order. An investment in oneself that attracts compound interest.

On compound interest.

This insight may have given rise to the familiar axiom, Attitude Is Everything. Nothing can take the place of attitude.

Likewise . . .

Understanding Is Everything

Attitude is indeed everything. A Great Attitude however, is neither developed, nor maintained, by the use of force. It must be a wholly willing, intrinsic process.

Building a working knowledge of Attitude, so we understand and avoid the dangers of the negative, and reap the benefits of the Positive, for all the right reasons, is the best way to go.

Doing so requires dedicated time and purposeful effort.

That said, a word of caution is in order here.

We should not tie ourselves up in knots attempting to attain perfection. Evolution tends to rule out perfection, rendering it unattainable. Instead, evermore excellence is an admirable goal, that with the appropriate effort, is well within reach.

Negative Thought Is A Slayer

It is best to be up front when dealing with negativity, the enemy of Human progress. There is nothing Good to say about this killer. However, a Positive Mind is not afraid of a metaphorical destroyer of Life. We analyze negative Thought, and actively avoid granting such Thought any credence. Not because we are afraid, but because we understand the consequences of negative action. In the same way we would avoid a puddle of muddy water, or stepping on Doggy do.

Undeveloped Mind

One’s unconscious unaware Attitude, is composed of beliefs, fears, prejudice, preferences, foibles, traits, bias, perceptions, and Self Image. All of which are products of our every experience and our response or reaction to those experiences. From the day one is born, to the present moment.

Undirected, this complex mix, typifying an undeveloped mind, produces an aggregate attitude composed of positive and negative components. One of which rises to the fore, in sympathy with the circumstances one finds themselves in at any given moment.
Whether one responds positively or reacts negatively to given situations, depends on those past experiences. One's family upbringing, school environment, interactions with significant others, and an individual's perceived ability to set and achieve goals, all exert influence.

Any individual can be predominately optimistic, or pessimistic, without any conscious input.

 It is not until we consciously and purposely decide to Develop a Positive Attitude that the process that inevitably leads to Enlightenment, can begin. From that decision on, developing, enhancing, and maintaining a Positive Attitude work in concert.

Read This Long Sentence Slowly

When one garners, and comprehends, adequate knowledge concerning the operation of the Human Mind, and can express that comprehension as self awareness, self knowledge, and self understanding, one concludes, with crystal clarity, that a Positive State Of Mind is essential for optimal personal performance.

Anything less and we are acting against our own best interests.

Self Perpetuating

When this insight has been gained, maintaining a Positive Attitude becomes self perpetuating. What obstacles the vicissitudes of Life may throw in our path matter not.

We are now equipped to ensure our Positive State Of Mind prevails.

Until that insight is gained, one is still vulnerable to detrimental influences and can lapse into negativity. It is vital to purposely practice Positive Thinking until such practice becomes second nature. In other words, Habit.

In much the same way as when we don’t maintain physical muscle tone by regular exercise, we steadily lose it. A Positive Mindset also is subject to this Law. It can and will deteriorate if it is not nurtured and maintained. Put bluntly, one must use it or lose it.

Knowing this is most pertinent in the early stages of mind expansion when we need all the help we can get. Once firmly established, and self perpetuating, a Positive Mindset, because it is based in Conscious Self Awareness is – almost – bullet proof.

Enhancing And Maintaining A Positive Attitude

You are now your own mechanic, maintaining and servicing yourself. As such, first class servicing will be your highest priority. Outside support, while most welcome, is no longer essential. The path of Self Reliance beckons enticingly, increasing confidence in line with competency.

Enhancement and maintenance complement each other, melding to actuate the self perpetuating cycle that leads to succeeding at any endeavor you have the desire and innate abilities to attain.

Positive Minds Tolerate Differences

 It is tolerance that allows harmonious interaction between possessors of differing opinion. Much like the minute clearances that allow shafts to spin freely, floating on a film of lubricant, in a machine. Tolerance is exemplified by the Importance Of Cooperation. Where there is no tolerance, no Power can be produced. But, by golly, - whether machine or Human - chaos can.

Enhancement is mind expanding. You are learning, no matter your situation. You will relate, then apply, positive traits and principles to circumstances, enabling you to be the master, not the victim, of those same circumstances. Without disadvantaging another.

Maintenance is the Conscious Awareness that permits enhancement to take place.

Conscious Awareness is the regular monitoring of one’s Thoughts as we respond to our environment.

Maintenance becomes progressively easier as our ability to master our Thoughts improves to the point of habit, and becomes second nature. Learning then takes prominence, and Problem Solving is seen as simply steps on the stairway to achievement.

See The Funny Side

The vicissitudes of Life are as such that no living creature can escape them. There will be inexplicable times when you feel uncharacteristically down. Not negative, that is not, or at least no longer, you. Perhaps overwhelmed is the best description of how you feel, when downers strike.

Whenever dark clouds persist, find the funny side of a situation. There is always a funny side, but it is usually only discovered long after a drama has been played out or resolved. Find the funny side early, and you will soon be back on top of the World, on your terms.

Laughter really is the best medicine.

Comedians make a handsome living bringing Life’s ironies to our attention as entertainment. Being your own comedian puts lift under your wings.

Attitude Check

Conscious Attitude checks are essential whilst Attitude Building. In the beginning, it is best to simply enjoy the progress you make without rushing the process of becoming vitally aware of every Thought you allow yourself to Think.

During this time it is quite appropriate to compliment yourself on your progress. You are on track to achieve a State Of Mind that - relatively speaking - few Humans attain.

There is little threat of Egoism interfering with your mind expansion efforts. By definition, a Positive State of Mind tends to side-line, and eventually, eliminate this impostor.

Something to joyfully anticipate on your journey to Enlightenment is, with practice and learning, your regular conscious Attitude check will be gradually replaced by a real time monitor that works quietly yet effectively in the background.

Possessing the potential to be your best friend, you will find yourself expressing gratitude for this monitor, no matter how long you may live. This monitor comes courtesy of your Other Self.

With your potential best friend willingly working on your behalf, successfully maintaining a Positive Attitude is all but guaranteed.

Developing A Positive Mindset Tip

A straight to the point maxim to adopt and live by and with while you are developing a Positive Attitude is - Do unto others as you would have others do unto you – It is a dictum you will for sure retain whilst maintaining a sound mindset. Treating others as we ourselves wish to be treated, is one of the most fruitful and progressive activities we can engage in.

The foregoing wise maxim just happens to be one of the most effective ways of successfully maintaining a Positive Attitude

Maintaining A Positive Attitude Rocks

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