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Edwin Hubble

The Absolute truth had the attention of American Astronomer Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) Hubble was already well known for his settling of the long running dispute  whether Nebulae were part of the Milky Way, or Galaxies in their own right.

Edwin Hubble

Edwin Hubble provided observable evidence of an expanding universe, when he capably proved the Doppler effect on light over distance.

As light moves further away from any observer it is stretched - caused by an expanding space-time - Becoming redder as it's frequency is diminished, and it's wavelength is increased.

This phenomenon is known as Redshift and can be employed to deduce the distance of astral bodies.

Edwin noted that Galaxies appeared to be moving away from the Earth, and each other, at a velocity proportional to their distance.

As Space expanded, Galaxies traveled increasingly further over a given time span. Giving the appearance of traveling faster. This attentive observation is now known as Hubble's Law.

Gravitational attraction within the Galaxies prevent the Galaxies themselves from expanding, thus maintaining their status quo.

The Steady State Universe

A quarter century after Lemaître's Primeval Atom Hypothesis - Lemaître also suggested an expanding Universe - three prominent Scientists proposed a New Theory.

English astronomer Fred Hoyle, (1915-2001) along with two friends and colleagues, Hermann Bondi, (1919-2005) and Thomas Gold, (1920-2004) were protagonists of the Steady State model of Universe. Gold conceived the original idea. All three men believed that the Universe was expanding, but the Big Bang was not the absolute Truth.

The Steady State is now largely discredited

The 'Big Bang' is a label coined by Fred Hoyle and was intended to be derogatory.

Hoyle's humorous throwaway comment, though, held such wide public appeal, that it superseded 'Dynamic Evolving Model' the original designate imposed on one of Humanities greatest searches for Truth.

Fred, he of According To Hoyle notoriety, must have been suitably pleased. Humor is perhaps the most effective way of gaining public attention, to contentious issues.

The Steady State Theory was based on the Universe being Eternal, whilst taking into account Edwin Hubble's evidence, that it was indeed expanding.

To support a Steady State Theory that incorporated an expanding Universe, new matter must be constantly created.

Not believing that all the matter in the Universe was created simultaneously, in the Big Bang, Hoyle proposed what he termed a Creation Field.

Here, in this Creation Field, which supposedly superimposes the entire Universe, new matter is continuously being manufactured. Bringing into existence further Galaxies throughout the Universe, maintaining material density, as the Cosmos expands.

While the Steady State model fitted in with many of the known observations - as did the BB - it is now largely discredited, put to sleep by the apperceptive discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.

Fred The Truth Seeker

Hoyle did not Believe that the Big Bang, Darwinian Evolution, or that life originated from inorganic matter, as proposed by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, was the absolute Truth.

Where Fred shone though, in his Beliefs, no pun intended, was with his quite brilliant work in Nucleosynthesis in the Stars. Where Nature makes Her building blocks. Could Stars be Fred's creation field?

Analyzing the processes of how Stars are the crucibles that manufacture all the Elements, he discovered the majority were produced in living stars, and the remainder, the heaviest, were produced in Supernovas.

Ironically, Hoyle found himself vindicating Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's perception of particles to intelligence.

Albert The Truth Seeker

Although Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity provided the basis of both models of the Universe, Albert 'definitely disliked' Fred's obscure suggestion of Continuous Creation, preferring a beginning, but rejecting Lemaître Primeval Atom hypothesis, which offered one.

Fertile Meeting

Einstein later revised his point of view and accepted the Big Bang model of an expanding and contracting Universe.

Truly intelligent Humans know when to change their mind

Following a fertile meeting with Edwin Hubble, at the Pasadena Mount Wilson Observatory, in 1930, where Einstein examined and discussed Hubble's findings first hand, being privy to raw data, and witnessing near and distant Galaxies through the lens of the then most powerful telescope in the World, enabled a change of Mind.

Subsequent to his visit with Edwin Hubble, Albert Einstein publicly withdrew his support for his Cosmological Constant and a Static Universe.

Einstein conceded his Cosmological Constant was his biggest mistake, that Georges Lemaître and Friedmann were quite correct, and declared his support for the Big Bang Theory.

Truly intelligent Human Beings know, and appreciate, when a Mind change is in order. Albert Einstein was a truly intelligent Human Being.


In between these two prominent theories touched on here, are squeezed a multitude of other theories, spawned by - misinterpretation of? - General Relativity.

During conversation with Canadian Astronomer Dr. Alice Vibert Douglas in 1954, disillusioned by a lack of comprehension of both the layman, and his fellow Scientists, Einstein sorrowfully lamented . . . . . .

Every man has his own Cosmology and who can say his own theory is right

A sad conclusion indeed, after a lifetime of Truth Seeking. Albert's painfully raw comment so moved this author, he shed a tear. Is determining Truth really that difficult?? 

 Overarching Goal The Absolute Truth

Every voice needs to be heard, and understood. Often, good ideas are uncovered by taking on board bad ideas.

The absolute truth should be our overarching goal in all our endeavors

Imagine, even for a moment, just how much sooner new knowledge would be revealed to us if all the World's Great Thinkers worked together in total Harmony.

Discussing points of view intelligently, instead of adopting pet theories and attempting to foist those theories on one another.

Seeking the Absolute Truth should be the overarching goal of every Human Being. In all our endeavors.

Unless we purposely seek, and secure, such understanding, on that individual basis, that new knowledge enables one to change his or her Mind, we will go to our deathbeds with our often distorted views, still firmly clutched to our breasts.

The paradox here is that we must seek that very understanding of our own volition. It cannot be imparted by another, without our permission, or Desire to Learn.

Finding Truth And Ourselves

If we are serious about finding Truth, then tools like the Hubble Space Telescope, Cassini-Huygens type Deep Space Missions, Space Probes such as Kepler, the fabulous  James Webb Telescope, and the Earth bound Large Hadron Collider . . .

Powered by Competent Harmonious and Intuitive employment of Spiritual Intelligence  

Offer Humanity the path to determine the Absolute Truth encompassing the mysteries of the beginning, everything in between, and ultimate fate of the Cosmos. And upon that journey - because we Humans are an integral component of that Cosmos - sincerely and assuredly will we discover - our True - selves.

The absolute Truth Rocks!

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