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 Meeting The Challenge

Effectively using the universal law of attraction to attain definite objectives, necessitates an individual taking charge of their Thoughts. There is no other option.

Recognizing and acknowledging that taking charge of one's Thoughts is a difficult challenge difficult implying much Cognitive Effort is required - we can progress towards the recognition of the seemingly complicated process of learning the skills that enable an individual to meet this challenge. And in doing so, reduce that same process to the uncomplicated.

Real leaders have done much of the work for us

Fortunately for us, we can hit the ground running.

Over several thousand years, in every generation, a handful of our forebears, Intelligent Minds and Real Leaders who, confronted with the same state of ignorance and relationship challenges we face today, have done much of the work on our behalf.

Being intelligent, they considered squabbling and bickering a totally inadequate mode for resolving conflict and disputation.

Delving deep into their psyche, they searched for a superior way to conduct their affairs. A superior way to restore, and maintain, Harmony.

These Intelligent Leaders sought a Doctrine that would deliver results as consistently reliable as Nature's physical laws in the realm of invention. Or anywhere else.

Brave pioneers, they defied ignorance and horrific violence  from their fellow Humans on an unimaginable scale, to deliver a doctrine with the potential to save Humanity from itself.

Today, we need that doctrine more than ever, to save ourselves, and save our Planet.

That Doctrine is available, to each one of us, right now, in the form of Personal Development composed of Spiritual Laws. Including the Universal Law Of Attraction, which plays a central role.

It is the consummate knowledge, and ability to foresee the results of practical application, of these Spiritual Laws, that permit one to intelligently Change Their Mind. Meaning, to change one's Thoughts.

In common with taking charge of our Ego, the challenge, to Take Charge of one's Thoughts in every other sphere of life is a challenge every one of us must face.

Success or failure depends on no-one but ourself.

Nevertheless, we can support and encourage each other in improving our own to life, and life in general.

Support and encouragement are prime functions of this website.

Emerson's Prescription - Making It Happen

The not altogether easy answer to meeting this challenge comes in a procedure consisting of two parts. This deceptively simple combination carries within itself, the seed of discovering the ultimate secret of the Human Mind.

Nature provides the means

We facilitate this two part procedure when we accept that Ralph Waldo Emerson contributes the catalytic instruction: 

"Do the thing and you shall have the power"

Secondly . . . 
Nature provides our Minds with the means of accomplishment, via Her immutable Spiritual Laws.

By taking Emerson's insightful prescription to heart, and by heeding Nature - the contents of this website lead to this end - we can learn, adopt and implement these means.

The Cognitive effort, demanded by Nature, to take charge of one's Thoughts, can be initiated by reflecting on Emerson's nine coherent words and what they mean. Apprehending Nature in any sense is awe inspiring. Personal Development is no exception. This author ventures to suggest that Personal Development is the jewel in the crown of everything Mental.

Observing one's mind grow is akin to, metaphorically speaking, true magic, and is a priceless reward in return for the effort expended.

More Support For The Universal Law Of Attraction

James Allen, a twentieth century motivational Author, and first class Thinker, contributes to preparing for the practical dimension of using the universal law of attraction. That of taking action.

Supporting Emerson's instruction to the hilt, he tells us . . .

"Thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes Creative Force. He who knows this is ready to become something higher and stronger than a bundle of wavering Thoughts and fluctuating sensations. He who does this has become the Conscious and Intelligent wielder of his Mental Powers."

James Allen put his comprehension of how his fertile Mind functions to fruitful use. Producing some nineteen inspirational books in around nine years. You can be as productive as Allen, in any sphere of doing, that your passion and innate abilities permit.

Compounding Value

Whilst we are employing Emerson's prescription in this instance to expand the utility of our mind, it applies to everything we Humans do. Becoming familiar and competent with this dictum underpins all future attainment. In the same manner that the competent execution of the Law of Induction sustains our modern lifestyles via Electrical and Electronic Technology.

A most powerful motivator

Emerson's prescription is one of the most useful and powerful motivators available to the Human Spirit.

The intelligent application of Ralph Waldo Emerson's penetrating insight in conjunction with observing other context specific Laws of Nature, and combining these actions with your subject knowledge - either existing or yet to be obtained - is of incalculable compounding value.

The more one accomplishes by using it, the greater the challenges we find ourselves capable of, and the more able and useful we become. To ourselves, and beyond.

The Universal Law Of Attraction Rocks!

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