Open Source Licensing Offers Choice And Fair Play

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Open Source Licensing

This Intellectual Property discourse, culminating in Open Source Licensing, is an upshot of my own rather intensive search for protocols that enable one to do the right thing by fellow content creators.

Comprehending copyright law is as doable as a walk in the park

And to understand the legal burden of making this website Creative Commons compatible. My chosen variant of open source licensing.

It was a journey of self instruction well worth embarking upon. And an investigation well worth conducting.

I share my travels with you within these pages. Beginning with this pertinent question.

Intellectual Property Legislation is complex. And, as one may rightly suspect, much of it appears to be purposely intimidating.

However, let's revisit Ralph Waldo Emerson's encouraging observation we encountered when getting our heads around the beautiful and acceptable complex construction of the Human brain.

Comprehending copyright law, and related legislation, then becomes as doable as a walk in the park.

Perhaps, though, not quite as therapeutic or interesting.

 Complexity and Intimidation

The complexity of intellectual property law is, on occasion, essential to cover complex circumstances. But for ordinary intent and purposes need not bother us.

Good Humans neither need nor appreciate being talked down to

Stripped of extraneous padding the underlying principles of any Nation's Copyright Act become readily understood and make perfect sense. Even though for now they identify perfectly with this Irish proverb on my Home Page describing Humans.

Which is the very reason why I thoroughly recommend you be conversant with legislation in your own jurisdiction.

Using intimidation in legislation is redundant. Intimidation does not deter cheats.

Cheats are simply not aware of the written words that contain the threats intended to deter them. 

We Good Humans, the majority of our species, are neither impressed with nor appreciate being talked down to. Suffering serious inconvenience caused by futile efforts to deter our less than honest fellows adds salt the wound.

When these two factors of complexity and intimidation that discourage honest folk from deeper investigation are cast aside, we find  as content creators on the Internet we can make doing the right thing easy and simple for each other.

Fair Play

The purpose of this discourse is to introduce you to a world of fair play and reciprocity. Hopefully providing a point from where you can find your own direction, understanding and balance. Just as I am doing.

This stuff is not learned in a day.

In common with most well thought out Human made Codes, Intellectual property laws are an attempt to regulate the behavior of participating entities. In this case by providing legal redress to holders of intellectual property rights in instances of violation of such law.

Until Humans evolve into truly civilized beings this type of protection is necessary. But it has one horrendous drawback. It locks up knowledge and throws away the key.

Working within this framework of legislation, open source licensing adds magnitudes of freedom by retrieving that key and placing it in the hands of prescient rights holders who foresee that knowledge sharing is our only viable future.

Start Here

To begin our journey to the destination of familiarity with the laws and licenses that are part of almost everyone's lifestyle, whether this is in the capacity of a producer or consumer, we can build on the awareness amongst Good Humans of the fact that in Nature there is no free lunch.

There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch In Nature

I personally feel a special warmth towards others when this fact is raised, and agreed upon, in random discussions about Internet access to copyrighted content. A hot topic.

But it applies equally to any creative effort.

A broad consensus that originators of creative works get adequately rewarded for their endeavors is a solid enough foundation to support a vibrant and varied economy. And creates peer pressure of the most powerful kind.

Fostering this peer pressure and awareness across the landscape of all creative activity, will do wonders for our economic (and psychological) well-being. As Individuals, Communities, Nations, and World.

Open Source Licensing Widens Our Options

It is an indisputable fact. Everyone has a distinct creative ability in one or more disciplines.

When we exploit our abilities and produce a worthwhile work, whatever that work may be, we need publicity to get it beyond the immediate surroundings where it was conceived and produced.

Until just recently one was obliged to rely on entities with the necessary resources. Who (usually) demanded relinquishment of legal rights to a creation, and more often than not took the lions share of profits. Leaving the creator with little more than recognition.

In the case of Patents, many times even recognition was foregone for a paltry payment.

Open source licensing offers choices that ever widens our options.

Self Reliance

With the maturing of the Internet and ready access to open source licensing, creators now have an encouraging choice.

Find a fair dealing promoter for their creative efforts.

Or market their own work and retain complete control of how that work is disseminated.

And pocket the well earned profits from their endeavors.

Possessing a sound comprehension of Intellectual Property Rights Law in your own jurisdiction, and a knowledge of appropriate marketing platforms, frees you to make decisions tailored to your requirements and circumstances.

Platforms Of Choice

Marketing one's own work has been possible for a number of years. And while the concept got off to a shaky start, it is today a rock solid instrumentality that just keeps getting better.

Genuine Sharing Turbo Powers Commerce

My platforms of choice are open source licensing, in the guise of Creative Commons Licenses, and a Web Business building company with the cool name SiteSell.

Discover more about why I have a high appraisal of SiteSell by studying my Solo Build It! Review.

It is no coincident that exponential improvement, and ease, in doing web business came about via genuine sharing.

Genuine sharing enables an individual to benefit meritoriously from their own and others actions.

My chosen platforms go the extra mile to enable a capable proprietor to disseminate his or her wares. make a buck, and keep the profits.

Open Source Licensing Rocks!

Part 6  Part 5

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