Copyright Protection Law
And Moral Integrity

Part 1

No Need To Feel Intimidated

While most statute law is makes for dry reading, understanding copyright protection law is ultimately to our own benefit. The next several pages feature useful Copyright Information.

Moral integrity holds a simplifying and viable solution

These are the main points to get our heads around in the somewhat abstruse world of copyright protection.

There is no reason to feel intimidated by the complexity as you follow through with research and study.

We should instead feel a little annoyed that so much time wasting complication and financial burden is required to regulate such an intelligent species as we Humans.

Even more so when Moral Integrity offers the simplifying and viable solution.

While these main points apply universally, the details can differ between individual Countries and Jurisdictions.

Generic Check-List

This compilation of useful copyright information can be used as a generic check-list, but it is imperative to refer to your own jurisdiction for certainty.

This discussion is based on this author's jurisdiction of Australia, which in turn is based on UK Westminster law. And is subject to a number of Trade Agreements with other countries, in particular the “Free” Trade Agreement with the USA.

Increasingly, Copyright Protection Legislation is becoming more standardized throughout the World. This is a sensible rational intention.

Shedding Light

Whether a producer or consumer of creative effort, not understanding Intellectual property law can be compared to driving on the road without a driver's license and with no knowledge of the Road Code. It really is that important. It is no fun to work in the dark.

It is no fun to work in the dark

Woven as it is into the fabric of our everyday lives, we owe it to ourselves to learn how Copyright Law affects us and the far reaching consequences of not playing by the rules.

Over generations, Human Laws have evolved with our attitude towards one another.

Changes in our behavior patterns will be reflected by changes in the Law. For better or worse.

Understanding this presents every consumer with a great opportunity to influence legislators for the better. In the case of copyright, simply by treating each other's Intellectual Property with respect.

Security Of Mind Via Useful Copyright Information

Attaining a prudent peace of mind in the confusing world of Intellectual Property Rights is the goal of these pages.

While applied knowledge may well be necessary to attain power, passive knowledge can bring one security of mind. By being aware of the basics of copyright protection you know and understand both your rights and responsibilities. And where to go when you need information or advice.

Check-list of essential useful copyright information.

Moral Integrity Is Copyright Protection

As complex as copyright protection may be, from the standpoint of Moral integrity, which is what Personal Development is interested in, it can be reduced to a number of common points no matter where in the world one is based.

And further condensed into that single word mentioned above.


An individual's moral integrity offers the best, most complete, Copyright Protection available.

Moral Integrity Offers The Best Possible Copyright Protection Available

Whilst guidelines are essential to educate and inform, the deeper one digs into the complex and confounding depths of various Intellectual Property Protection Acts, the more apparent the practical nature of moral behavior makes it's spirit and importance felt.

Much complexity is employed in attempts to anticipate the actions of the (relatively) few who would cheat their way through life.

The fundamental purpose of Copyright Protection is to prevent cheating, and can be stated in the following two simple sentences.

A product must be original, that is, it is a work produced from one's own intellectual abilities. And, if we wish to incorporate another's intellectual effort into our own, then we must obtain their permission to do so.

Pretty much every artifact a Human produces, involves Intellectual effort, and the practice of targeting every instance, for specific treatment, under an umbrella of Intellectual Property Rights, as appears to be happening, is somewhat of an overkill. Particular when we consider that a Moral Attitude can accomplish the desired result, of respect for each other, way more effectively.

From a moral perspective we can all help each other to lift our collective game. Peer pressure is already taking effect in this sphere.

Two way Street

Copyright protection is a two way street. It protects others by insisting we do not copy, and if we sell an original product, it protects us by insisting the purchaser has bought a copy of that product with no reproduction rights attached without our express permission.

Fair and just law lubricates our interactions

Protection extends to all recorded expressions of the Human Mind. Patents are managed differently.

The medium employed to express an idea is quite irrelevant, as is the medium used to disseminate that expression.

Willing cooperation, along with fair and just laws lubricates our interactions and assists in creating an equitable society.

Fair and just laws can only come about via an expanded State Of Being. An expanded mind derived from Personal Development.

With the Thoughts expressed on this page foremost in our Mind, lets take a look at the most useful copyright information.

 Personal Development Rocks!

Part 1

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