Intellectual Property Rights Infringement
Threatens Our Creative Freedom

Part 1

We Are Losing Our Freedom

Investigating intellectual property rights infringement legislation proved to be a surprise element in my search to find protocols to do the right thing by fellow content creators.

While navigating life In this digital age we need to be much more familiar with our rights and responsibilities

With the Expectation of finding helpful guidelines as to what constituted infringement, and perhaps an effective way to respond to transgression, this author stumbled across a disturbing threat to our hard won freedom.

That unnecessary threat assaulted and offended this author's normally well balanced sense of fair play and morality.

The World has conventional copyright legislation which has served us admirably to date and there are no reasons why, with a tweak here and there, it cannot carry on serving us in the same fashion. With one proviso.

For our own benefit, in this digital age, we should be somewhat more familiar with our Rights and Responsibilities under our respective jurisdictions.

It is also in our own best interest to be consciously aware of differing jurisdictions, as our on-line activities demand. Until an acceptable worldwide Code of Conduct is established.

Computers Are Hyper Efficient Copying Machines With No Conscience

Our Subconscious Mind requires one's Conscious Mind to guide and direct it. So too does the copying machine at the end of our fingertips. 

With the portent of big hard-drives all over the world filling up willy nilly with illicit content by those unguided and misguided fingertips, the  DMCA was brought into existence.

The DMCA Legislation originating in the United States, was introduced to address this specific challenge copyright faces, in the digital age, has since trampled roughshod over conventional Copyright Law. Contradicting, and at times circumventing it. As though it does not exist.
Far from expressing concern for the rights of the content creator, and indeed the subsequent purchaser, and dissemination of knowledge, as does conventional copyright, these digital age laws lend themselves to the adoption of a business model along command and control lines. This is already reality.

Dangerous Path

This command and control business model is not only a dangerous track to be following, it is mindless. 

The intention of DMCA law makers, may be only to have a captive audience that fill corporate coffers with dollars from unresisting consumers. Albeit, such manipulative activity leaves the entrance gate wide open for totalitarianism to walk right in. Unopposed.

Hardly a productive way to encourage widespread creativity

 Intellectual Property Rights, and draconian legal enforcement, of those rights, is crudely based in absurd, questionable platforms such as DRM and Trusted Computing.

Accompanied by emotional knee jerk reactions to infringement of those platforms. Totally irrational reaction that encourages further futile legislation that prepares the stage, for ever more freedom sapping restrictions on Good Humans.

This not so modern-day malady, of dominate, at whatever cost to progressive Society, has serious implications for loss of Intellectual Independence that will reverberate throughout the World.

This loss of Intellectual Independence will plunge Humanity into a pitch blackness where it will not be  possible to introduce any manner of cognitive initiative. Our once bright, active Minds will have been shut down.

Stifling Thought, and Ideas, is hardly a productive way to encourage expansive Creativity, to benefit Society, as the manipulators of draconian intellectual property rights infringement legislation falsely insinuate command and control to be.

Humanity is entering an inexorable, increasingly mechanized technological Age. Conventional employment opportunities are disappearing across the whole of Society. Never to return.

While job loss is perfectly normal - it has been happening since we settled into communities - this is the first time the whole of Society has been affected.

The industrial trend has been, and always will be, towards a compounding of job creation. As a former Industry disappears, along with associated jobs, it is superseded by usually superior technology. The lost industry's successor not only replaces those lost jobs, but provides more and better ones.

This trend will continue, but with a striking difference to the past.

In Industry, to date, there has always been the option, whether or not an individual chose an occupation that required Imagination and Creativity. In the future, that option will dwindle to non existent. Using our Imagination and Creativity will become prerequisite.

 If Legislators strangle Creativity, by manipulating Intellectual Property Ownership into crude restrictive knots, doing so will effectively strangle job creation. 

Cognitive Freedom is not an option, it is Pivotal to a Healthy Society. Humanities salubrious future depends entirely upon Creativity remaining unfettered.


This type of aggressively uncivilized law enforcement has little in common with protecting intellectual property and doing the right thing by each other. However it has everything to do with accomplishing remote control of the individual. Placing him or her in a straight jacket of do it our way or perish. Posing a mortal threat to not only creativity, but also to our liberty as Intelligent Beings.

Legal Does Not Always Equal Moral

With Humanities well-being foremost in mind, as a  truth-seeker this author feels he must speak frankly and candidly.

Our Well-being does not come about by fortuity.

Humanities Well-being comes about by wise implementation of knowledge, and awareness of the consequences of our actions, in a sane manner, both economically and socially.

The Freedom to work in a benign environment is essential to wholesome creativity. Hence we can construct a contented, productive society. Atavistic, Immoral legislation, will never attain a contented, or productive, Society.

Instead, it will provoke an eventual backlash that will scatter and crush the oppressors in it's wake. Dragging them deep into the black chasm they created for their victims.

History predicts this fate, by endlessly repeating itself.

Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Is A Definite Problem

There is no doubt that Intellectual Property Rights infringement is a serious threat to the economic stability of the Internet. Indeed, to National economies. Particularly in the realm of counterfeit.

But relying on mere legislation to contain, yet alone remedy, this expanding concern is failing us. And while ever a lower plane mindset prevails, it always will. Particularly if a lower plane mindset is drafting, or is influencing the drafting, of that legislation.

When drafting intellectual property rights legislation lets not go downhill

Ad hoc as well as organized intellectual property rights infringement activity needs to be not just curtailed, but ideally prevented.

Prevention mus be achieved without preventive measures posing a threat to the stability of a Creative Society. The only way this will happen is when potential offenders decide it is not cool to cheat their fellows.

Seeing others as real, living, Human Beings and treating them as an opportunity to interact with for mutual benefit, instead of opportunities to reap ill gotten gain from, will help tremendously to this end. This applies equally to the providers of product and consumers.

Change the lower plane mindset, and the problem is solved. If we don't focus on this solution then we will be playing a game of insane, tail chasing chaos. Fueled by draconian, brutish legislation. And profit destroying retaliation, where the Good guys, and the bad guys, suffer equally.

The previously mentioned straight jacket, is already off the tailor's cutting table, being fitted, and stitched up tight. This author feels the constrictions, do you?

 Intellectual Property Rights infringement Does Not Rock!

Part 1

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