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 Collaboration Definition

When we seek a collaboration definition we often find it is used in a generic sense to describe any group, partnership, or relationship where two or more Humans are active.

This misconception is reinforced by another misconceived tradition

This dilutes the term more than somewhat when one wishes to construe a relationship that has Creativity as it's core intent.

That is, a relationship where two or more people work together, with the express purpose of manifesting something original and new.

Collaboration is often mistaken for a union of mere convenience. Where the goal is to share technology or expertise. Combined with a vague anticipation of getting more than is given.

While the Collaboration actuality is better understood in the realms of Philosophy, Science, and the Arts, this generic approach is still widespread. Especially in business.

Business, as the fundamental driver behind our prosperity in it's role as the manufacturer, marketer, and distributor, of most all manifestations of the Human mind, should be vitally interested in just how genuine Collaboration comes about.

Arch Enemy

This misconception is reinforced by another misconceived tradition. That of Competition.

We still very much live in a world where “winning” is everything. No matter how transient that “win” may be.

Competition, when the intent is one outright winner, is the Prime Enemy of Collaboration. Reducing and often eliminating opportunities for this shy fellow to germinate. Let alone flourish.

The primitive cut-throat attitude portrayed by business in general may well satisfy atavistic blood lust. But it simply does not coalesce with the higher reaches of Thought essential to, and for, Creation. Particularly as creation is expressed in the Collaboration definition on this page.

Creative Collaboration

More than mere postulation,this author believes an authentic Collaboration definition needs to be prefixed with the qualifier 'Creative'.

Genuine collaboration needs to be prefixed with the qualifier 'creative'

 Indicating that it is a relationship of much more substance than merely a convenient way to turn a quick buck. Or an opportunity to chance upon and execute a temporary advantage.

Many collaboration opportunities will have the immediate appearance of a brainstorming candidate. But serious Collaboration should have a definite predetermined purpose.

That is, to produce a particular new something that does not exist.

A definite purpose in this sense demands deep thinking skills and the ability to communicate with the higher reaches of Spiritual Intelligence.

Genuine Creative Collaboration embraces, and can be applied to, the entire spectrum of Human activity.


Creative Collaboration requires two or more minds blend in absolute Harmony.

It is via this super-mind that collaborators accomplish their amazing exploits

Bringing into being a distinct, separate Super-mind. Operating at frequencies that permit access to Natures Secrets obtainable in no other way. Apart from stealing others efforts.

This seoarate super-mind is then at the behest of each and all the individual minds of a collaborative group as long as harmony prevails.

If harmony is permitted to collapse, the super-mind collapses.

It is via this fragile super-mind that all collaborators accomplish their truly amazing exploits. 

This priceless Law of Collaboration is Universal. Encompassing Engineering, Politics, Art - any and all creative endeavors. It matters not what the discipline is. All fall under the influence of the same Natural Laws. These same essential requirements are prerequisite.

Harmony and Intent reign supreme.

Motivation To Collaborate

Generally speaking, the motivation required to collaborate has to be more than the usual material incentives offered, such as money. Other concerns come into play during collaborative efforts.

Collaboration is fundamentally a Human Creativity activity. A deep desire to build something new. Or improve on something that already exists.

To achieve the Harmonious Super-mind that is necessary for composite - or that matter, any - Creativity, ornery Emotions must be subordinated to the higher Human Qualities requisite for sustainable activity.

Accomplishing and maintaining this state of mind can become difficult in the extreme, if not impossible, when rivalry and competition are permitted to enter the equation.
Cooperation - whatsoever the interaction - can reasonably be anticipated of anyone and everyone who is involved in a particular activity with others. In the course of conducting life.

Collaboration is Activity Specific, and is rarely a procedure one can delegate to another.

It is one thing to propose material incentives to induce others to cooperate.

It is quite another to get them to collaborate. Where the innate ability, and desire, to communicate with Spiritual Intelligence, on that specific activity, is prerequisite.

Ordinary Activities Do Not Require Collaboration

In any combined activity where the goal does not require two or more minds to blend in harmony to produce a thing that would not otherwise exist, can usually be described as Cooperation.

It is via this super-mind that collaborators accomplish their amazing exploits

A Joint Venture where shared expertise and risk can benefit all involved parties, but nothing new or original is produced, would fall into this category.

If one's desire is simply to energize a commercial company, or any situation, to hum with productive activity, Cooperation is perfectly adequate. If one's goal is to generate a product of substance that does not already exist, then Creative Collaboration must be brought into play.

Keys To Our Future

A Personal Development premise is comprehending we Humans create our own future. Creative Collaboration is a key component to constructing a future every Good Human Being would sanction.

Creative Collaboration is a key component

Building, developing and nurturing a cooperative, collaborative attitude is possibly the most powerful and effective undertaking a Human can embark upon.

Elevated to it's ultimate conclusion - when we fully engage in Creative Collaboration projects in the sense of the collaboration definition offered on these pages - what one is really doing is solving problems. On purpose.

When this desirable and entirely possible condition is achieved amongst all peoples, we will live in a peaceful World.

Solving Problems On Purpose Rocks!

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