It's Time Undesirable Traits
Met Their Demise

Part 1

Worthwhile Objective

Purposely Eliminating undesirable traits is an integral element of Personal Development. And a priority in our quest to maximize our potential as a Thinking Being.

How we, individually, and collectively, proceed along the path to attaining this priority, is vital to our own, and our species, well-being and happiness.

Wherever that potential may lead, the minimum we can expect is a long, peaceful, fulfilled life

Natural Eugenics offers us an easy, definite, plan of action, to create and foster a lifestyle that promises to eventually maximize Humanities worthy potential. Via our inner Human machine.

Wherever that potential may lead, the minimum we can expect, is a long, peaceful, fulfilled life.

The foregoing statements may represent a decidedly Utopian proposition, and indeed it does.

Nevertheless, even without the immense benefits of a nurturing environment from conception, much can be done to improve our way less than Utopian State Of Mind affairs. 

If we believe we are truly products of our biological heritage, and, by responding to our environment Thoughtfully, we can, as Parents and Guardians, influence the path future generations follow, we can also come to the conclusion that we have the same influence upon our own future, in the present.

This influence upon one's self that we have access to, presents three choices. It can be used to completely restructure our self image. Merely tweak and refine that which we have already built and are happy with so far. Or by simple omission, consign one's self to the scrapheap of unfulfilled potential.  

The message is clear, we are the architects our own destiny.

Undesirable Traits Can Be Dominant Influences

The dominant unconscious influences at work in our Nature are the licentious undesirable traits that perhaps were essential to the survival of our primitive forebears.

However, that they were essential to survival is not this authors belief. Other species display these same undesirable traits and, just like some Humans, attempts to use them is made by a few wayward members.

In the absence of applied intelligence these traits will always reign supreme

This author is more inclined to believe that employers of these traits use them as a substitute for the lack of skill to develop their Thinking Power.

Our early forefathers hesitation to embrace and adopt Positive Thinking Skills, condemned them to a life of cold penury and subsistence.

Eking out an existence, in circumstances of perceived limited resources, a State Of Mind engendered by a self imposed lack of Imagination, the worthless traits of domination, deception, greed, and violence, were no doubt seen as a distinct advantage.

Encouraging Evolution to fast track Humanities dark side.

In the absence of Applied Intelligence undesirable traits have reigned, and will always reign, supreme. Actuated by default, they require little effort to implement. Which helps to explain their still relatively wide-spread use. 

No Longer Advantageous

While it is comprehensible that our species behaved savagely in the absence of Applied Intelligence, it is incomprehensible that Amoral Behavior has persisted, remaining attractive, in the current era. Presenting the World with Humanities greatest impediment and challenge to constructing a truly egalitarian society. And survival.

In modern times, undesirable traits destroy Personal Relationships which flow over to destroy Families, Friendships, Business opportunities, and International Alliances. At their worst, they can, and do, subjugate entire Nations. Hindering the Social Progress of Humanity to the point of regression.

Vain Hope

Ample evidence to support the damaging existence of this primitive behavior can be found in every trouble spot on Earth. And every unresolved dispute.

The solution to any problem is only ever found in applied intelligence

The solution to any problem is only ever found in applied intelligence.

Yet Humans still Thoughtlessly endeavor to control their fellows, and situations, by using force, domination, and and that old, popular standby, intimidation.

Another lesson yet to be learnt.

Primitive Urge

Residing on the cusp of Conscious Awareness, the urge to respond to untenable traits in kind is ever present. Possibly a throwback to an earlier time when preservation of self often provoked a blind, violent, reaction. 

Exerting an unhealthy influence on the Mind of the perpetrator, icky undesirable traits readily offer themselves as the solution to a problem. In the same manner as a child, having limited negotiating skills, throws a temper tantrum, in a not always vain hope to achieve his ends.

Simple Choice

Notwithstanding the sorry fact that we witness considerable primitive, meaning mindless, behavior today, these are not primitive times.

These are not primitive times

Humanity is engulfed in intelligence as it waits patiently in the wings. At our own behest, this intelligence is ready to supply solutions to our problems. Ready as breath supplies oxygen to life. We merely have to breath correctly.

In that same unquestioning approach that one Trusts breathing, all we need to do to embrace and exploit this gift from Nature, is Trust it.

The more familiar one becomes, with this wise Cognitive Phenomenon, the less likely he or she will be prepared to accept undesirable traits as "normal" behavior within Society.

The less acceptance, by Expanding Minds, of regressive Attitudes, the greater the scope, and ingenuity, of our problem solving capabilities become. This understanding narrows the battle every Human Being must engage in, and fight to the death, to a simple choice . . .

Am I on the side of “Good” or “evil” ?

Undesirable Traits Do Not Rock!

 Part 1

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