Spiritual Intelligence Operates The Universe

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Universal Force

Spiritual Intelligence is an omnipotent Natural Force pervading the Universe that cannot be detected by our Physical Senses. Rather, it is perceived by the Subconscious Mind. At the behest of the Conscious Mind.

How this omnipotent force is implemented depends entirely on an individual's State Of Being.

A Human can plumb the depths of depravity at one extreme . . . .


How one uses this force depends entirely on an individuals state of being

Transcend Human frailties to seek and find the answer to any question an Intelligent Being could ask.

Spiritual Intelligence is recognizable by many similar names. Among others, it is also known as Cosmic Consciousness, The Universal Mind, and Universal Consciousness.

The appellation that appeals to this author the most, and imparts a comforting sense of an all pervading, accessible Power, is that coined by Napoleon Hill, (1883-1970) who christened it Infinite Intelligence. A perfectly suited term for a Cosmos that is Pure Knowledge at it's fundamental core. (Planck Scale)

Napoleon Hill made considerable contribution to the shape and structure of the Philosophy of Mind Expansion during his lifetime. Establishing the platform that underpins the modern-day movement of Personal Development. He is still much influential with his legacy, The Napoleon Hill Foundation, educating folk from all over the world in sound mind management Principles. The same principles you will learn, or refresh, here.

Spiritual Intelligence is the driving force Nature uses to produce building blocks and construct Her Universe.

This is Pure Intelligence, and you can access this force at will. In the same mode as did these Brilliant Minds. Leaving deceit, greed, physical force, and all their obnoxious relatives choking on the crudeness of their primitive destructive ineptitude.

  Defining Spiritual Intelligence

The - non material - Spiritual Dimension encompasses a broad spectrum of opinions, and can be a polarizing subject. pdThinker.com seeks to accentuate the indisputable benefits that becoming familiar with Spiritual Intelligence, delivers.

There is no place for superstition or the supernatural in a philosophy composed of Natural law

From the perspective of this Philosophy of Personal Development, we need to make it crystal clear that we have no interest in the so called supernatural.

There is no position for the supernatural, or indeed superstition in a disciplined Philosophy composed of Natural Law.

The Spiritual Intelligence Dimension of the Universe may be destined to remain an inexplicable, obscure hypothesis, yet evidence for its existence abounds.

Spiritual intelligence is the source of everything we observe in our Physical World.

To establish a position in the sphere of Human held perceptions, it is fair to say that the relationship of this Philosophy, of Personal Development, with the Spiritual Dimensiion, deals entirely in the following sense:

Of or pertaining to the intellectual and higher endowments of the mind; mental; intellectual.
 [1913 Webster]

The Human Mind - according to this succinct and appropriate definition - is Spirit

From the viewpoint of this Philosophy of Mind Expansiion, Spiritual Intelligence is the infinite source of all Knowledge.  Spiritual Intelligence is the cardinal implement in the toolbox of the Theoretical Physicist. 

- Or any Creator -

Whether they are using it Consciously or not

No  Miracles

This spirit force does not produce miracles. Instead, it enables one to effectively use the Laws of Nature to achieve given ends. Via the Power of your Mind.

The evidence for this phenomenon is compelling. The complexity of the problem to be solved matters not. Complexity merely dictates the effort required to follow through to completion.

A cool example of Communicating with Spiritual Intelligence is Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955). There are several other examples on this site.

Without picking up a physical tool, young Albert Einstein devoted ten years of his life astutely formulating his Special Theory of Relativity using this force.

Einstein’s theories - including General Relativity - are to the greatest extent, current Practice, underpinning much of Classical Physics.

Albert's predictions have held fast in the face of every experiment designed to challenge the veracity of his conclusions. In the process facilitating new discoveries and knowledge.

Right to the razor edge, and beyond, of the Field of Quantum Mechanics. A Discipline Einstein played a decisive role in establishing, but had difficulty accepting, let alone embracing.

Einstein's great difficulty in accepting Quantum Mechanics is another story. For another time.

Still Haunted By Doubt

Homo Sapiens has demonstrated explosive Intellectual Growth over the past ten thousand years. Notwithstanding the sad fact that this growth in Mind Expansion has been, and still is, sporadic.

Personal Development offers a remedy to our woes and a future path that will endure

From blind superstition, to cutting edge understanding, we have sought and discovered Truth where ever we have had a genuine Desire to find it. In so doing we are constructing a Knowledge Base that appears unbounded and limitless.

And yet despite this solid progress, as a species we are still possessed of doubt.

Humanity insists on clinging to badly construed manners of existence that are destructive and unsustainable. However, Natural Law, judicially, and prudently, applied, contains the solution.

Personal Development provides a purposeful, competent remedy to common woes. Equipping us to envision and attain a future path that will endure.

It is not necessary to know the nuts and bolts of Spiritual Intelligence - no one yet does - but one should understand that it exists, and be prepared to purposely use it. To benefit oneself, and wider Humanity.

Belief and Desire are the key instruments to this end

Our Prerogative

Spiritual laws can be seen to be in force constantly. Living beings either respond to them willingly and use them for mutually beneficial ends, or they are forced to comply. By the very nature of their Thoughts.

It is our prerogative to consciously and purposely participate in this phenomenon

,For an individual Human, the consequences implicit in being forced to comply with Natural Law, instead of Harmonious Cooperation with a phenomenon that makes all things possible, are rather unpleasant. The word unpleasant in this instant, is a euphemism for chaos.

Species wide, it is imperative to Humanities survival that we learn, understand, and respect these Laws. Just as most folk respect Physical Laws, such as the Laws pertaining to Electricity and Gravity.

By dint of becoming familiar and building the ability to communicate with Spiritual Intelligence, precisely in a moral manner, Nature will reward practitioners with an increasing problem solving capability, in the form of a more highly developed Brain.

Moral Thinking and practical use are accelerators of the Human Brain's Evolution. The steps on this pathway leading to a fulfilled life is under our individual administration and direction. Once we are on this pathway we become enthusiastic partners with Nature, and can contribute our influence to Humanities advancement.

Individually, it is our prerogative to consciously and purposely seek out and participate in this phenomenon. For our own immediate benefit, and the benefit of generations to come.

Spiritual Intelligence Rocks!

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