Intellectual Property Rights
And Moral Integrity

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This Is Your Life

Intellectual property rights Legislation provides legal protection for productions of the Human Mind.

Respect and fidelity are the intellectual property watchwords

Institutions that are protected include Copyright, Trademarks, Patents, and Design.

These Institutions are becoming more integrated into our daily lives as we spread our creative wings.

Recognizing the wealth of opportunities that the Internet is offering to escape the coop of mind deadening conformity, an individual can make a prosperous living from self expression.

To accomplish this, we, and our economies, are dependent on our understanding Intellectual property rights Legislation that elicits respect and fidelity.

A New Age Is upon Us

With machines superseding Humans in the mechanical drudgery of repetitious production line monotony, in many traditional occupations, we are compelled to confront the Reality that we have entered a new and exciting era. 

This era is the Age Of Aggregate Creativity, where each of us contribute to a collective whole. Constructing a global commonwealth of cordial  Cooperation and Collaboration opportunities.

Societies, hence Economies, are becoming ever more reliant on the manipulation of all types of knowledge and artistic talent. Not merely to live more comfortably, but just as importantly, to generate dependable income streams. This is a good thing, and how this is stabilized and maintained should be of vital concern to us all.

The Worlds We Live In

Protecting intellectual property is essential, because, in a competitive world, the most aggressive will win.

In an intelligently civilized world, everyone wins

In a corrupt world, the most vicious will win. In a violent world, the most savage will win. In an intelligently civil world, we all win.

Today, we are living in all of these worlds.

Correspondingly, until Humanity at large evolves into an intelligently civilized condition, protection of intellectual property, in the form of globally standardized legislation, will be our front line defense, to deal with the iniquitous consequences of abuse.

The emphasis is on defense.

Immorality and ignorance, the two major causes of transgression, cannot be legislated out of existence, and must be dealt with from another perspective.

Our Best Move

As seems customary when Humans take action, Intellectual property rights legislation is more complicated than necessary and differs from dominion to dominion.

Ad hoc reciprocal protection arrangements between countries serves as a makeshift structure towards the seemingly arduous goal of instituting a Global Standard.

In the meantime, the most astute move an individual can make in this minefield of confusion is to research and comprehend legislation in our own jurisdiction.

And if necessary, seek competent professional advice.

Time To Pause And Reflect

Valiant and intelligent efforts are being made towards this desirable, increasingly urgent goal. But global standardization, of Intellectual property rights Legislation, is merely a sound preliminary step to a possible planet-wide utopia in a brave new world, where anyone with an idea can theoretically exploit it.

Of much more significance is the necessity of structuring a standard that elicits confident and enthusiastic approval of Creator, Distributor, and Consumer at large. That means pretty much everyone.

If we are all purposely included and involved in the construction of such a desirable standard, we will express ownership of new legislation and it will be self policing.

Time to pause - - and reflect

This is an excellent time to pause, and consider, where we are, in this process.

From what this author has concluded from research, it would appear we are at that stage of advancement as we were during early industry where the metal screw thread was well established, but not standardized. And pretty much every manufacturer had their own thread form.

Each manufacturer at that time believing his to be adequate, or perhaps the subject was not even considered. Today, the Metric Thread form reigns supreme, ably supported by a number of subsidiary thread forms.

Open Source Licensing possesses the Creative Potential to be the metric thread of intellectual property publishing. Supported by whatever subsidiary legal protections prove necessary to maintain a free and open society. Open Source is a standard readily understood and complied with by both creative producers and passive consumers.

With the abundance of viable opportunities the WWW is presenting, and Humanity is steadily exploiting, we are each becoming one and the same. That is, creative producer and passive consumer.

Individual Influence On Intellectual Property Rights Legislation

Cooperating closely, with  other individuals, and institutions, we can contribute to the consolidation of universally welcomed and accepted Intellectual property rights Legislation by adopting open source licensing wherever practical. Indicating clearly to legislators where our sentiments on advancing Society lay.

The Power of Open Source Knowledge Sharing resides in the fact that our licensing decisions are voluntary. Made from a perspective of considered awareness of the incalculable value and benefits of this sharing, as opposed to the dangers of hoarding.

Open Minds Rock!

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