Shaping The Human Machine

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Building A Human Machine

A Human machine can be considered to be the complete Mind – Body - Spiritual entity and as fascinating as that complete entity is, our focus here is Mind. Specifically, Mind Expansion.

A Human machine can be considered to be the complete mind – body - spiritual entity

Mind Expansion, aka Personal Development, is affected by the Physical realm and the Spiritual realm. The final result is Enlightenment.

When one embarks, on the Mind opening path to Enlightenment via Personal Growth, as with any worthwhile undertaking, we can anticipate results to be commensurate with effort. Sound results are characteristic of sound preparation.

Is it not reasonable to consider and judge, that preparing a new mind for healthy expansion over it's lifetime, the most important preparation of all?

An embryo's development, and growth, in the womb, is entirely dependent on it's gestating mother's behavior.

From this mother's minute by minute mental attitude or mood - environmental response - to her understanding and practice of nutrition, her physical fitness levels, and how harmonious her lifestyle is.

Not surprisingly, it is here, in the womb, that our lifelong health, and resistance to disease, is determined. The prospective parents lifestyle and behavior long before conception also has a, usually unrecognized, impact on a newborn's future health.

Huge Responsibility

Preparing an infant Brain and Mind, to meet the vicissitudes of Life with equanimity, is a huge responsibility, and one more excellent reason to foster and encourage would be Parents to practice Personal Development, the means of obtaining optimum conditions.

By attaining an understanding, of how Nature functions, She provides one with the facility to construct a platform that well and truly exceeds the bounds of societal mediocrity, providing a newborn with the best possible start in life.

 Favorite Paradox

Several hundred years ago Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) Philosopher, Lawyer, Statesman, and a founding supporter of the Scientific Method, solemnly advised us that to control Nature we must obey Her. Please refer to this - Apology - confession.

To control Nature we must obey Her

Few of our leaders over the ensuing centuries came to heed that sound counsel. Instead, these leaders indulged in presumptuous attempts to dominate Her, including the field of Eugenics.

The disturbing stark consequences of this ignorance are reflected in the deteriorating state of the Human Condition, and our Planet.

We can readily recognize that ignorance is not bliss.

At the same time, we can utilize the mistakes of the past, and perhaps even more pertinent, the mistakes of the present, as a resolute reminder that Bacon's advice is still as ever sound.

And we need not take our cues from those non thinkers whose toolbox contains but one tool, and that is Force, albeit presented in various guises.

And we need not take our cues from those non thinkers whose toolbox contains but one tool, and that is Force, albeit presented in various guises.

We can be Autodidacts

Instead, we can be our own Educator and Scientist, establishing and strengthening our grip on self reliance.

By being determined to be self reliant and seek out knowledge in the form of truth amazing things happen to overcome obstacles

Self reliance underpins and permits us to Learn, understand, and apply knowledge to benefit and advance ourselves, those who we may have sole responsibility for, and wider society.

This same egalitarian attitude can and should be expected from men and women who we permit to hold Leadership positions.

Never Too Late

Many of us are fortunate to have parents who made bona fide efforts to provide us with a solid start in Life.

It is doubtful that any of us reached that level of being a purposely produced Human machine. An entity whereby all the conditions Nature requires to attain the optimum Mind Expansion template were met by our Parents. For the simple reason few possessed the knowledge to do so.

As parents, providing this requisite platform for our offspring is clearly a demanding long term commitment. One that necessarily undergoes it's own evolutionary process.

But by being determined to be Self Reliant, and seek out knowledge in the form of Truth, and make cool practical application of that Truth, amazing things are bound to happen to aid us in overcoming obstacles along the way to reaching this platform.

Or for that matter, any desired goal.

Potent Personality

What is more attractive than a Human machine, veritably humming with desirable Human qualities?

Is this not what we call love? the ultimate plane of human emotion?

Is this not what we call Love? The culmination of expression of Human Emotion?

Achieved via controlling Nature, by obeying Her. However this author's preferred interpretation of Bacon's exquisite observation, is - Working with Nature via the Law of Cooperation.

Willingly cooperating with Nature, shows Applied Intelligence. Presumptuous interference with Her ways, under any circumstances, is, simply, not a temptation for the truly wise intellect.

Successful Parental Efforts to meet with Nature's requirements, culminate in the best possible start for a Human Life.

Following through with Conscious Awareness, implementing Personal Development Principles and mutual support between fellow practitioners, each participant will be in possession of a potent inner Human machine that expresses itself through a personality composed of highly desirable Human qualities.

One wonders what diseases may be eradicated by Evolution, without external interference of Genetic Engineering, when Nature is gently influenced by generations of Human Machines, in the form of lives well fulfilled in Harmony with Her, and by extension, with each other. Adding further potency to a healthy Human Condition.

The Inner Human Machine Rocks!

Part 2 - Part 1

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