Raising Our Awareness About Natural Law

 All Encompassing Force

This page is about Natural Law and is a modest attempt to gain a wider, deeper understanding by examining it's all pervading influence on every thing we think, say and do.

The chaos Humans experience is a direct result of our neglect to learn about Natural Law

Our primary goal should be to become vitally aware of that influence.

Natural law manifests itself in the form of consequences in our own lives and the lives of our fellows.

To make progress of any description, a key premise that has to be accepted, and appreciated, is that the chaos we Humans experience as individuals, and collectively, World wide, is a direct result of our neglect to learn about Natural Law.

Neglecting to learn – and apply – Natural Law and it's all pervading influence on Human relations and conflict resolution merely compounds the difficulties encountered.

When we allow this neglect to dominate, we find, in common with solving any problem, our resolution skills desert us and we resort to violent behavior in frustration and ignorance.

All Encompassing Awareness

Our readiness to disregard Natural Law, by being unaware of it's effects, is always to our detriment. Either immediately or what transpires far into the future. 

This holds fast in both the material world and the world of Spiritual Intelligence

A major step towards genuine long term Harmonious Human Relations, is to establish and exercise an acute awareness of our own thoughts and actions.

One then builds on this penetrating and discriminating awareness of our individual behavior.  By extending it to encompass a gradually widening sphere of observation that enables us to comprehend more and more complex situations.

As your awareness grows, and you perceive Natural Law as an abiding presence in your every action, your problem solving skills increase. So too expands the sense of knowledgeable confirmation that the actions you are about to take are entirely appropriate and adequate for the circumstances.

Sound actions that provide a sound foundation for future developments and improvements in your every endeavor. You are in the process of building a Human machine.

The premise of sound action holds fast in both the material world and in the world of Spiritual Intelligence.

Raising Awareness

The manner of awareness that one needs to first raise, build upon, and then maintain, is akin to that alertness that, as a driver, prevents you from exiting your motor vehicle on a hill before applying the handbrake.

Something I am willing to wager you would never do.

Constructing a working knowledge of an expanded definition of Natural Law takes much reading between the lines, observing, studying, and reflecting on circumstances and consequences. Using the ever useful tools of Why, How, Who, and What if.

Then listening to, and communicating with Spiritual Intelligence. Via your intuition.

Becoming Familiar

With a willing resolute focus, you will begin to see a clear unfolding of events, any event you care to examine, in crisp, measured relationship.

Equitable outcomes are the only outcomes that prove stable over time

And you realize, retrospectively, that given the actions taken by the participants in the events you choose to examine, the results could hardly have been any other way.

You will also appreciate whether these participants comprehend Natural Law as you do.

Their thoughts and intentions are revealed by the very actions they take. Dispelling any doubt about whether their intentions were to achieve an equitable outcome, or not.

An Equitable Outcome is the singular outcome that proves to remain stable over any length of time.

Although demanding to begin with, becoming familiar with this skill happens remarkably quickly.

An Equitable Outcome

An equitable outcome satisfies all parties involved in negotiations. And is the only outcome acceptable to minds that have made the effort to learn about Natural Law and it's Decisive Relationship to Human activity.

We see this on occasion, where serious Human conflict is defused, and label the protagonist who brokers an acceptable outcome, a genius. Cheerfully unaware that each and every one of us can develop that same ability. And avoid any form of conflict in the first place.

You will also observe and recognize that our Champion did not act alone. He or she will humbly declare without being prompted, that all participants played an equally influential role. That this equitable outcome came about for this reason alone, and that the outcome will remain in force only as long as this equality is valid.

You will recognize that this is Natural Law at work, feel an affinity with, and applaud the wise minds who employ it so effectively. As you can do in your own sphere of influence.

Never Be In Doubt About Natural Law

Yes, you are right, deep thinking is called for whether the stakes are big or small.

Nature's influence does not wane or diminish merely because the stakes are small

Nature's influence does not diminish or wane merely because the stakes are small. This is a good time to recall all big things started small.

Knowing and applying the appropriate Natural Law in all our dealings with each other,  big and small, creates harmony.

Harmony in all our transactions leads to everything worthwhile and Good. Knowing about Natural Law and it's inestimable value rocks.

When the hard work of comprehending and making sense of the big picture is done, profitably employing Natural Law becomes second nature and simple.

But don't we find that with any complex subject, once we grasp it?

 Once you grasp it, you will never be in doubt about Natural Law. It will be your constant, ever reliable, companion and ally.

 Natural Law Rocks!

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