Spiritual Intelligence And Evolution

Part 5 - Part 4

Simple to Complex

Underpinning his dedicated to Truth quest to comprehend Spiritual Intelligence, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin believed the Beginning of the Universe consisted of Subatomic Particles. These Subatomic Particles formed Atoms. With ever greater accretion, chemical combinations of Atoms formed Inorganic Matter . . .

Life is concealed in the Periodic Table of the Elements

Over time this Inorganic Matter progressing into diffuse Organic Matter, capable of supporting simple Life form, self replicating Cells, burgeoning to ever more complex living entities.

Continuing all the way to Humans - and our fascinating Brains, where we witness the initial glimmer of Human Intelligence, in a meaningful way.

Today, we know this sequence of events from inorganic to living creatures to be true. with ample evidence to prove it so.

The Secret Of Life is concealed in the Periodic Table of the Elements.

Humans are, as is all Life, composed of the exact same inorganic matter as the stars above.

From inorganic matter comes Life

 From Life comes the capability to receive, process, and transmit Thought. Equipped with the use of Thought Humans have developed communities and communication networks that span and blanket our entire Planet.

Culminating - so far - in the Internet

The Internet in real time is evolving into a Planetary Nervous System. Eventually nothing will escape connection. From these networks and the Human use of Thought, the Noosphere will increase in complexity as it evolves. In a similar manner as Biology tends towards increasing complexity in the Physical sense.

Urgent Need To Raise Awareness Of Spiritual Intelligence

Humanity is at a crossroads. The levels of technical proficiency that Humans have reached is Mind boggling for most people.

Paradoxically that striking proficiency is rapidly eroding Freedom, particularly in Democracies.

The repugnant insistence of lower plane Thinking is on course to overwhelm Freedom per se. Doing so with the unwitting help of those losing it. The place to reverse this disturbing trend is at the ballot box, via Intelligent voting.

Today, general awareness of Thought and Spiritual Intelligence, appears to be commensurate with that of Thales and Electricity.

Everything Good flows from this Mastery of the higher reaches of spiritual intelligence

Thales may or may not have envisaged and related the Law Of Induction to the phenomenon of Static Electricity.

One thing is certain though, the general population, of that period, whilst possibly aware of Static Electricity, lacked the knowledge that inspires investigation, and were ignorant of it's potential.

Modern Humanity enjoys a superior position regarding the subject of Thought.

Our current knowledge, and comprehension, of Thought is less than complete. But we have more than enough useful information to enable attainment of Self Reliance.

Progressively attaining Self Reliance, will set in train the process whereby the Noosphere can become Common Knowledge. Henceforth, this prodigious resource to be, can be understood, discussed, accepted, and contributed to. In a Moral Manner, by the majority of Good Human Beings.

When sufficient Self Reliant Humans contribute their Moral Thoughts to the Noosphere it will render lower plane Thinking ineffective and redundant. Violent Thinking, which is proving to be the bane of Human Society, will be the first casualty. And expectedly so.

There is, and always has been, an unfulfilled necessity for widespread comprehension of Self Reliance. Additionally, much work needs to be done in the field of refined Human Behavior.

Self Reliance, and refined Human Behavior, are key components, of living a fulfilled Life, that require the unremitting devotion of the individual.

This unremitting devotion - essentially to self - consists singularly of Educating the individual to Master higher reaches of Spiritual Intelligence. 

Attaining Mastery is an intellectual challenge - an integral component of Enlightenment - that can, and should, be initiated and undertaken by the committed individual. 

Everything Good flows from this Mastery.

 Influencing  Evolution

Humans have for some time now, purposely influenced Evolution of the Animal and Plant kingdoms. Ostensibly with the best of honorable intentions.

From the standpoint of realization, that we we Humans create our composite Reality, we can Consciously, and Purposely, influence the Evolutionary process that produced us. Utilizing the same best of honorable intentions.

Doing so with nothing more - or less - than the Power of our Mind

Employing one's Mind Power, in a Moral Manner, is Personal Development, at it's highest and most influential level. Scaled up, it positions Humanity to set our collective focus on reaching Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's Omega Point. 

Doing this in a moral manner is Personal Development at it's highest and most influential level

Upon reaching the Omega Point proposed by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, new generations of folk withdrawing from, and contributing to, the vast accumulation of knowledge, will do so with complete equanimity and impunity.

Steeped in Right Thinking Principles they will not encounter obstructionism, or political chicanery and sophistry of lower plane Thinking. A sad practice which has been the entirely inadequate, and unsatisfactory, standard bearer, for Human interaction to date.

Instead, this new wave of Human Beings embracing deeper Thinking will meet with Harmonious Cooperation. Utilizing fruits of higher plane Thinking they will engineer prodigious outcomes, via Collaboration. Whatever the endeavor.

The more we encourage each other to adopt higher planes of Thinking, the sooner will Omega be reached.

But of more immediate urgency is the need to find prudent solutions to the confusion created by lower plane Thinking. A field offering much opportunity to practice, and prove, our new way of Thinking.

Prudent solutions will never be found in the same dull Thought processing that instigated the problems. Continuing along the path of lower plane Thinking is ultimately unsustainable.

Omega is genuine and complete Freedom

Mastering the higher planes of Spiritual Intelligence, will allow us to resolve the mess we are in, and firmly set Humanity on the path to Omega.

Spiritual Intelligence Rocks!

Part 5 - Part 4

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