Attitude And Behavior
Are Inextricably Entwined

Attitude And Behavior

Attitude and behavior tend to reflect each other. Although a given attitude can be momentarily over-ridden by deception, charm, cunning etc, as long as a person’s intentions remain intact, the underlying attitude that supports those intentions also remains intact.

Whether overt, or covert, our intentions are executed via our Affective Attitude Component

 Underlying attitudes can be invisible to the holder, yet are glaringly obvious to Intelligent eyes and ears.

With adequate study and understanding of Human Nature, those intelligent eyes and ears can be readily developed and honed to the state where you will find yourself echoing Confucius and his insightful dictum – How can a man be concealed!

Whether overt, or covert, our intentions are executed via our Affective Attitude Component.

Inextricably entwined with our Emotions, so as to be indistinguishable, the affective component of one’s attitude is the most influential and powerful element of the Human Mind. Without consistent supervision from the Cognitive Component, one’s attitude and behavior is subject to our undirected moods and whims.

Our affective attitude is the Chief Executive Officer of our decisions. It matters not whether those decisions are Good, evil, rational, erratic, significant or trivial.

Supervised, or unsupervised, this is our action mechanism.

Sensitive Action Mechanism

All that is required to set this sensitive mechanism rolling, on the path of either Creation or destruction, is a deep desire that manifests as a dominating thought.

Left undirected, our affective attitude will invariably follow the path of least resistance

This is the Mind mechanism that when guided by the Cognitive attitude component to act in a Moral and Just manner, is responsible for every Material and Spiritual advancement Humankind has experienced. This is Good being employed.

Conversely, it is also responsible for all improper, immoral, and unethical behavior. This is evil being employed.

The choice between the two is made via the Cognitive attitude component, and executed via the Affective attitude component. Every individual’s attitude and behavior is a simple matter of choice.

That simple – meaning between right and wrong - choice however, is heavily dependent on a given Human’s stock of Knowledge and apprehension of that knowledge.

Evil does not necessarily need to be intentional. Left undirected, our affective attitude will invariably follow the path of least resistance. That path will rarely coincide with the right thing to do. Without Cognitive involvement, any action will almost always be the strongest desire on an individual’s mind. Our affective attitude takes on the persona of an impostor.

Hence the absolute necessity of taking charge of one’s thoughts.

Once we have taken charge of our thoughts we relieve this impostor, who would run our lives, in a whimsical fashion, of all influence. Effectively rendering him redundant. We are now free to accomplish any goals we have the innate ability and desire to attain, in our own – equitable - way. Whatever those goals may be.

Open minded Tolerance is a major Tool of one who has developed the Cognitive component of his or her Attitude. When one is momentarily biased or prejudiced in a negative manner, a well developed Cognitive attitude component comes to the rescue, and paves the way for a balanced rational decision to be made.

Preparing The Way To Take Charge Of Our Thoughts

When we allow our Emotions to override our Thoughts, our attitude and behavior relationship is reflected in our words and actions in a depreciative manner. We are exposing our wavering beliefs, principles, and values – along with a sense of confused helplessness - to any other Mind we come in contact with.

To the undeveloped mind our sense of helplessness presents an opportunity to victimize and swindle

To the developing mind this sense of helplessness in another is an indication a fellow Human is struggling to comprehend Life, and to be on standby to assist.

A developing mind fully comprehends that one can only help another effectively with the willing participation of that other. Willing participation is a fundamental requirement if Sound Relationship Harmony is to be maintained, and progress made.

To the undeveloped mind our sense of helplessness presents an opportunity to be victimized and swindled by lesser minds. These disparities between Humans are, respectively, expressions of positive and negative mindsets.

Lacking the knowledge, and adequate comprehension of that knowledge to take charge of one’s thoughts permits Emotion to override the Cognitive Attitude Component of our mind.

Without Cognitive input, basic desires take precedence over Rational Thought. For the majority of folk on this Planet, one’s Emotional Response to Reality determines our approach to, and hence the direction we follow, in Life.

When we are not in charge of the Cognitive component of our attitude, our mind is left wide open to whatever influence takes our fancy. Or that appeals to our bias and prejudice. Good or evil. Capriciously entrusting our future to the whims of chance, our lives are the subject of our moods.

Comprehension of in depth attitude and behavior knowledge is essential if one is to influence one’s Affective Attitude Component, hence conduct, in a positive and productive manner. A proficient grounding in that knowledge can be acquired by analyzing and relating elements throughout the contents of

Major Culprit

Deficient conscious self awareness is almost entirely culpable for the lack of supervision of a wayward affective attitude component.

To take charge of one’s thoughts, this cycle must be broken.

This deficiency is evident in the individual who demonstrates a temperamental approach to attitude and behavior. In doing so, he or she exemplifies insufficient knowledge and lack of comprehension, particularly of their own values, principles and encumbering beliefs. 

Compounding this insufficiency of self understanding is the subsequent inability to relate consequences to actions.

The temperamental attitude and behavior of an individual displaying little conscious self awareness can be a disturbingly predictable cycle. Aka Habit. To take charge of one’s thoughts, this cycle must be broken.

Changing Attitude

The first step in breaking this cycle is recognizing it. Once recognized, it can be interrupted. Then, - with the willing cooperation and total involvement of the holder - gradually eliminated, via attitude change.

An ideal Tool to utilize when experimenting with Conscious Self Awareness is the ancient Eastern practice of Mindfulness.

Rewards Of Mindfulness

The rewards of practicing mindfulness are substantial. In addition to contributing to taking charge of one’s thoughts and enabling attitude change, one can expect to develop a confident, happy, and relaxed demeanor.

Amongst the many other benefits of a highly developed sense of self awareness, is the ease with which one can induce flow when concentrating on a given project alone. Flow is of immense value generally, but of particular value when venturing into the realms of the unknown whilst you are utilizing your Intuition to seek new information.

 Flow, in the Intellectual sense, opens the door to Spiritual Intelligence and new knowledge. This is most readily accomplished when attitude and behavior are under the direct guidance of one’s Cognitive Attitude Component.

To attain this elevated status, Nature demands much genuine effort. Taking charge of our attitude and behavior plays a key role. Once achieved, and put into practice, the rewards for taking charge of our Thoughts are generous and bountiful. 

 Mind expansion delivers vibrant meaning to Life, offering much to look forward to.

Proactive attitude

While the same exposure of our inner self is true when we take charge of our Emotions, via our Thoughts, the outcome is entirely different.

The ultimate state a pdThinker can reach

When we are in charge of our Thoughts, one exhibits proactive and can do attitude nuances, demonstrates Tolerance in all his or her dealings, and confidently goes on to not merely seek solutions, but actually solve all manner of problems in a progressive and equitable fashion.

This is the ultimate state of the upside of being in charge of our Affective Attitude Component.

We attain this state by employing our Cognitive Attitude Component expressed through a Positive Attitude that resides in a Positive State Of Mind.

A Positive State Of Mind Rocks

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