How The Universal Law Of Attraction Works

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Much To Realize

There is much to realize before one can comfortably and confidently implement the universal law of attraction effectively, to achieve a given outcome. On this page we examine what takes place behind the scenes.

The law of attraction is at work on your behalf on two levels

The law of attraction is at work on your behalf on two levels. Consciously, and, immensely important, unconsciously.

One's subconscious mind acts on and attempts to fulfill the dominant thoughts we think. Dominant thoughts are those thoughts we think repeatedly and are emotionally charged.

It is our unconscious mind that we impress with emotional thinking.This fascinating instrument is in constant contact with Spiritual Intelligence, including while we sleep. It's sole purpose appears to be to please it's owner.  Via those dominating thoughts.

Hence, you will benefit immediately by influencing your subconscious mind positively. By taking charge of your thoughts. Even if this benefit is not immediately apparent.

It matters not whether we are thinking those thoughts on purpose which is what we should be doing or merely succumbing to whatever emotion our senses dictate. In other words, allowing our mind to run on auto-pilot.

Status Of A Thought

The status of a thought, that is, Good or evil, is irrelevant. The subconscious mind does not distinguish between Good and evil. That distinction is the prerogative of we Humans as individuals, via our conscious mind - and is a major reason why conscious awareness plays such a crucial role in purposely executing the law of attraction.

Another Secret

The secret of the law of attraction is to understand that it is an aid at our disposal. A Powerful ever present aid in everything we do. From the mundane demands of work and living, with which we are familiar and do not doubt that we can fulfil, to the seemingly impossible ambitions, such as those Elon Musk entertains, which appear, to the uninitiated in these matters, as little more than pipe dreams.

A powerful aid indeed

It is an uncomfortable fact of life, that with many folk, including esteemed leaders, the law of attraction is set on Auto-pilot. Thus allowing our emotions to dictate our thoughts, and hence, our actions. When this drawback is well understood by the informed observer, it puts leadership in general, and politics in particular, in a new, critical, light.

When you take the law of attraction off auto-pilot, by consciously taking charge of and directing your thoughts, you will be well on the way to taking possession of your mind. And, to paraphrase American Steel Magnate and generous philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie, "Anything else you are justly entitled to."

The purposeful use of the Law of attraction is a powerful aid indeed.

Attaining Proficiency

Once you become proficient with applying the universal law of attraction, you will find it not merely a useful tool, but an essential tool.

This proficiency is attained by being consistently in charge of and directing your thoughts. - Your dominating thoughts become your desires - Then recognizing the opportunities related to your desires that these directed thoughts attract to your subconscious, and subsequently offered to your conscious mind for consideration.

This is where your efforts to build conscious awareness pay enormous dividends.

To help compound and consolidate proficiency, now is a good time to recall Francis Bacon's oft ignored advice, "To control Nature, we must obey Her."

This is where your efforts to build conscious awareness pay enormous dividends

An apology and confession is in order here. Bacon actually said to conquer Nature, but I dislike the word conquer even more than the word control. Nature is our ally, our source of all sustenance, not our enemy.

There is no necessity to conquer Nature. Working with Her produces superior, and most important, sustainable results. In both the Material and the Spiritual realms.

Nevertheless, the message Bacon bequeaths us remains intact.

Leaving the dangerous concept of conquering to the uninformed, this is also a good time to refresh our perception of control. Here and now is the best time and place to confirm that working with Nature, otherwise known as Cooperation, is the most effective method of attainment possible.

As you practice taking charge of your thoughts you will begin to recognize opportunities related to these new thoughts as choices. The act of choosing and accepting, is a decisive  act, and the initial step towards physical manifestation of your desired objective. As more reflective decisions are made, on an evermore regular basis, your conscious awareness grows.

Your mind is evolving and expanding.

Practicing The Universal Law Of Attraction

Holding your desired objective at the forefront of your mind, practice becoming familiar with both your surroundings and your thought patterns. In other words you are practicing conscious awareness or mindfulness.

In return she will reveal her secrets

The majority of the above mentioned opportunities presented to you will come about via your day to day activities. They are all important.

Rarely though, do opportunities arrive in a consecutive as needed manner. That is, in the order one requires solutions to complete a given project.

The last piece of a puzzle may arrive first.

With experience one soon adjusts to this unexpected state and learns to be a proficient executive of the universal law of attraction, by being determined to become adept at recognition, collation, and interpretation of these ideas and opportunities.

This is the beginning of a never ending journey that is as profound as it is exciting. It just keeps getting better.


On the highest plane of thought, the universal law of attraction is about recognizing opportunity presented to one via his or her intuition.

It is via our intuition that original ideas and knowledge come. One's intuition responds magnificently to enthusiastic demand, impelled by the need to have, desire to attain, and the willingness to pay the price Nature demands for the thing one wants.
Using one's intuition in this manner is the supreme implementation of the power of the Human Mind. You have reached unity with Nature, and in return She will reveal Her secrets.

Welcome to the Universal Law Of Attraction.

The Universal Law Of Attraction Rocks!

Part 3 - Part 2

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