Good Humans Create A Good World
A Preamble To The Substance And Direction Of

A Good World Requires Good Humans

Practicing Mind Expansion in the form of Personal Development empowers Good Humans. Enabling them to not only live a contented, fulfilled life, but to contribute to creating a Good World.

History informs us that the majority of individuals who spent time on this Planet lived a life of either physical or spiritual deprivation and anguish. Many suffered from both. Material wealth made little difference to spiritual contentment. Confused minds reigned supreme. Literally.

This description may sound hypercritical and tongue in cheek but none the less it reflects reality

Confused Minds continue to call the shots within many Societies around the World today.

When ordered to jump, by these confused Minds, the disconcerted populace, having surrendered their autonomy to violent inferior Thinkers, don't even ask “How high”? They just jump.

Anxiety and fear becomes rampant. Domination rules. Progress is throttled. Life stagnates.

Observable throughout History and continuing to infect, distort and misshape present day politics, domination, combined with close ally fake news, is the barren choice of bullies.

With a few notable exceptions, when disenfranchised Human Beings manage to summon the courage necessary to resist domination, it usually takes the form of violence.

Retaliating with the same violence that domination, intimidation and manipulation engenders merely exacerbates an already desperate predicament of the oppressed, drawing attention to their inability to direct their Minds to think constructively and find equatable solutions to their lack of freedom. Violence is the default response when all other solutions are exhausted.

This description may sound hypercritical, and tongue in cheek, but nevertheless, it accurately reflects Reality.

This is the Human created World we exist in, and the only way this World will change is when Good Humans do Good things consistently. Doing consistent Good demands healthy Attitudes and equally healthy Mindsets. This in turn demands a healthy understanding of Natural Law.

Particularly as it pertains to Human nature - otherwise known as Human Behavior

Doing Good is synonymous with doing Right. Doing Right, and doing the Right Thing, are also synonymous. While Good is done in many places, it is not consistent. That Human disposition to vacillate from one extreme to the other indicates a lack of knowledge, and comprehension, of what we are attempting to achieve, and how to achieve it.

Competent Leaders display the not merely desirable - but essential to success trait of consistency in the execution of fundamental values

Breath Taking Power

When Good things get translated into Good politics, by Good leaders, at the behest of Good people, we advance the Human race. It is in this manner that we make permanent, dignified progress.The forgoing statement emphasizes the necessity of individuals working together in complete Harmony. Good Humans performing at their very best.

Personal Development imparts a Power of breath taking proportion to the practitioner. Breath taking Power that allows us to be consistent in all our actions. No wavering, no vacillation. We have discovered the knowledge, and possess the means, to resolve problems, and avoid extremes.

State Of Humanity

The World is awash with the anguish mentioned above. Our responses to this environment of anguish, both from the victim and the perpetrator, indicate we don't have a clue as to how to resolve our woes.

Even a cursory investigation of History vindicates the perception that both Leaders, and their followers, behavior, has been, and still is, founded in ignorance.

And the violence ignorant behavior spawns

This Philosophy of Personal Development offers a soundly built, reliable vehicle, to transport Humanity, to a communal place of Peace and Tranquility. Meaning the World. But it begins in the Mind of the individual who recognizes his, or her, own innate Intelligence.

You and I are that individual

Personal Development is Joyful

Shying away from the destruction we have allowed to come about, excusing misbehavior as 'Just being Human' is equivalent to deception. That is, we are deceiving ourselves.

Personal Development becomes an enjoyable game

Deception, in common with superstition, and belief in the supernatural, contribute nothing to Personal Development.

And by extension, World Prosperity.

These three absolute hindrances, along with other obstructions, are the prime targets to obliterate on the pathway to attaining higher planes of Thought.

Thinking on higher planes of Thought allows we Humans to create a State Of Mind where we can influence each other for the ongoing expression of Good.

At the same time eliminating Lower Plane Thinking - the root cause of all past and present - afflictions and woes

A Change To Joy

To a Mind that is ready to change, or, has begun the process of change, possessing ready acceptance that as individuals, we are responsible for developing our own Mind Power -  one understands that it won't come about unless we unconditionally accept that responsibility – eradicating barriers, per se, becomes an enjoyable game of some urgency, entered into with gusto and alacrity.

Yes, Personal Development is Joyful!!

Self Reliance is Joyful. Competent Problem Solving is Joyful. Learning is Joyful. We purposely universalize our Mind Power by learning, understanding, and applying knowledge for Good.

In an ever increasing virtuous cycle of applying Natural Law for the benefit of all

Good Humans, by comprehending, and sharing, the same beneficial philosophy of working as one with Nature - and each other - can fashion the World into a place where threats from our predatory fellows cannot survive, and therefore, cannot exist.

Good Humans Rock!

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