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This Education and behavior page, and Age Of Mind Page, are conjunctive components of this Website’s About Page. Offering a wider view of purposeful Living.

That well known archetype of Education, Formal Learning, executes an essential role in one’s overall knowledge acquisition, but it is by no means sacrosanct. If it were inviolable we would be living in a clockwork World of proficiency.

Formal Learning excels in the technical sphere, of that there can be no doubt. But falls sadly short in communicating the Integral Relationship, that appropriate behavior has, to living a Harmonious Life.


Mind Expansion, in the traditional form of Personal Development, addresses this shortfall more than adequately.

Nevertheless, expressing the Initiative necessary to embrace a Philosophy, whereby one learns how the Human Mind functions in real time, is the sole responsibility of the individual.

This responsibility, by the way, is not a burden. It is a gift. It is through the powerful catalyst that is Personal Development, that you get to know the real you.

There is no better person than you to decide how far you should travel down this exhilarating path of Mind Expansion. Where you are in charge of you.

And everything you do.

Elements Of Education

Genuine Education simply means the drawing out, developing, and shaping of one's Mind. Doing so in a cognitively aware environment that deals proficiently with every aspect of being a contented, adaptable, stable individual, epitomized by Self Actualization, is the ideal basis on which to ground Learning.

In practice this ideal scenario varies wildly. Be that as it may, Self Actualization should be the overarching goal. Barriers to accomplishing this highly desirable State Of Mind come crashing down when challenged by a determined, intelligent, Human Being. Obliterating obstacles and barriers, of every description, is grist for the mill of Education. And an integral constituent of the Joy of Learning.

The elements that compose a sound understanding of Mind Expansion, and hence deliver one a sound Education, are not negotiable. The inexorable influence these elements impose apply to every living creature.

Nevertheless, the fashion in which an individual learns, and comprehends, is negotiable. The peak of efficient learning is arriving at an aha moment on purpose. Attaining such insight by whatever method of learning best suits your temperament. This method must be a choice of your own volition, not withstanding that much experimentation may take place before such a method is obvious, and acceptable, to you. The way you learn is your prerogative.

The only Learning related caveat is - Learning must be accompanied by an Open Mind.

Education, and Mind Expansion, are one and the same phenomenon. Education per se, exists on a continuum that appears to be infinite. It is the responsibility of the individual to oversee his or her learning and comprehension progress on this continuum.

The Elements that influence a sound education include:

Thought Patterns

• Genetic Predisposition

• Nature and Nurture

• Cause and Effect

• Emotions

• Attitude

An About Story allows you and me to examine the distinct relativity between Thought, Action and Consequences, in real Life situations that actually took place, where this author happens to be the endeavoring Guinea Pig.

The events themselves are are not of significance as much as the Cognitive Response elicited by those events. One’s Cognitive response can also trigger aha moments. You may just crack aha moments, by replacing you, with me, as the lead character, in the about story featured on this Website.

Intended to be read from the viewpoint of providing examples related to the content material of this Website, this story is primarily about about Nurture and Nature. This story touches on other elements that constitute one's Education, also.

Nature - Education and Behavior

Nature functions on two levels. These two levels are Her immutable Law, and Her Reality.
Natural Law is sacrosanct. It is suffice to state, living creatures in general, but Human Beings in particular, can cooperate with Nature by comprehending, adopting, and implementing Her immutable Law. Thus increasing the likelihood of an undertaking succeeding, by a magnitude you will find so satisfying, that you will be determined to replicate it in every other avenue of your Life.


Humans have nothing to do with the formation of Natural Law.

Dutifully functioning in the background, in similar manner as does Cosmic Radiation, throughout the Universe, Natural Law is What Is.

Any time, anywhere.

Universal What Is, is Nature projecting Her Mind to create Her Reality, via Her immutable Law. In the same fashion, we Humans can emulate Nature, when we take charge of our Thoughts, and work in complete Harmony with Spiritual Intelligence to attain a given thing, or a set of given circumstances.

It is transgression and abuse of Nature’s Reality that is the root cause of all Human woes.

Nurture - Education and Behavior

Nurture imposes a formative influence throughout one's Life. The character of Nurture delivery depends on the viewpoint of the provider. The Nurturer’s viewpoint is dependent on their understanding - implicit or explicit - of Natural Law. We Human Beings are all providers and receivers of Nurture, and it is our mutual understanding, and implementation, of Natural Law, that determines the status of our Relationships.

This system of reciprocation works flawlessly when participants understand the consequences of their actions within a Relationship. In the exact manner, that a competent gardener knows under what conditions a given Plant flourishes, and provides that Plant with those conditions.

The foregoing statement emphasizes the absolute necessity of Positive reciprocation in all our dealings with each other if we are to achieve Harmony and flourish.

Reality -Education and Behavior

The second level that Nature functions on is Reality. Nature's Reality is composed from the consequences of interaction of Natural Law. As previously mentioned, Nature’s Reality is what is, Universally. The only way Humans can positively influence what is, is by cooperating, hand in glove, with Nature.

Rolling back Global Warming is a glaring example awaiting the assimilation, acceptance, and implementation of this comprehension of Nature's Reality.This simple but dramatic example of cooperating with Nature holds not only the survival of the Human Race, but the survival of our Planet and everything on it.

Reality is the environment we find our-self in at any given moment. In both the psychological sense and the physical sense. These two phases of existing are inextricably entwined.

Distinct from, but including Nature's Reality, the personal Reality Human Beings experience is composed of Nature and Nurture. Comprehending the difference allows one to see where you can have an impact on your own Personal Reality. Competency accompanies familiarity.

A lucid comprehension of the role combined Reality plays in our immediate environment, and the role it plays in the bigger picture which encompasses all Human activity, is prerequisite to competent execution of an applicable Natural Law.

The Reality Humans experience is a conglomeration, of Humans everywhere, complying with, and of neglecting to comply with, Natural Law.


Via their application of Natural Law, appropriate or otherwise, We Humans have everything to do with the Reality we experience.

Significantly, the integral coalescence, of Nature and Nurture,  can be readily recognized by the consequences of our actions.

Our Thought process drives our actions.

Knowledge in combination with Desire drive our Thought process. Our comprehension of Natural Law, combined with the totality of our nurturing experience, leading up to the moment of action, dictate the consequences Humans experience as Reality.

Of particular significance to Humanities Welfare, are our interactions with other members of our species. If both sides of an interaction have an adequate knowledge of the consequences of an applicable Natural Law, and both sides enjoyed adequate Nurture and support leading up to the point of that interaction, then a mutually successful culmination is guaranteed.

If these two requirements are not adequately met, then we must expect not merely failure, but chaos, at best, and devastation at worst.

For proof of the above statement, one can analyze any and every screw-up. From  a pair of squabbling individuals, to the amoral act of invading a – usually assumed weaker - neighbor using military force and you will find that it is ignorance of the pivotal combination of Nature and Nurture that causes failure.

Ultimately, this Page, and Website, is about Thought, and the primary, and persuasive, role it plays in everything we do. Thought seeks conclusion.

Learning and Teaching

To learn effectively, an individual must be permitted to learn in his or her own way, at his or her own pace. Learning can only be achieved by your efforts alone. No-one can learn for another.

With your willing cooperation with others, you will find willing teachers. Both formal teachers and informal teachers. Intelligent Humans possess a deep, abiding appreciation for sharing knowledge with others who have a genuine interest in Learning.

Expanding one’s Mind is the same as an apprenticeship. Time and effort must be invested in learning and understanding. Practice and implementation of one’s newfound knowledge must be regular and consistent for that knowledge to consolidate and become an integral element of one’s Education.

In common with mastering any Discipline, academic or otherwise, an apprenticeship delivers an introduction to a World of useful information and Skill building. How far and how deep one delves into any Discipline, during, and beyond this initial introduction, is the responsibility of the individual. Personal Development is no exception. Mastery comes about with the application of a can do attitude.

Good teachers are invaluable. But without a Desire to learn on the part of the student, even Good Teachers are sidelined and rendered irrelevant. You may sense a lack of cooperation in the foregoing statement.

It is well to remember that achieving, anything, takes a certain amount of effort. Things can and will go wrong or badly. One's responses to the vicissitudes of Life determine whether we succeed or fail, in a given endeavor.

Hence, the more thorough our preparation, via accumulating relevant information, and then comprehending that information via discernment, the less rocky the road to achieving one’s goals in Life. This is the field where Personal Development excels, fine tuning education and behavior to acquire equitable goals.

Complimenting formal and informal Learning, Personal Development hones and molds one's Character in order to exploit knowledge and information in such a purposeful manner that a Cohesive Society is the product of our activities.

Regularly contributing to Harmony and general Well-being, for this author at least, is an invaluable reason for taking ownership of and directing one's Education and behavior.

Thoughtful Education and Behavior Rock!


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Education is freedom -Paulo Freire

A cohesive Society is built on cohesive behavior. Nothing else will do. Cohesive behavior is a direct product of the powerful catalyst that is Personal Development..