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You Are The Soul Of  Solo Build It!

Soul Of Success

Briefly summarized, SiteSell SBI! is an acronym for SiteSell Solo Build It! Which in turn is a cutting edge e-business building platform and the flagship product of SiteSell Inc. based in Quebec, Canada.

SiteSell is a pioneer 'How To' Internet marketing company, that is still - as ever - leading the way with her admirable and ethical e-business builder, and marketing system.

The SBI! process follows sound business principles that when implemented by you lead to successful business endeavors

SiteSell’s business building platform shows us the way but without you - Solo Build It! - remains dormant

This is an appropriate moment to emphasize the importance of the Action Guide, an invaluable How To Manual that is pivotal to the success of our Web Businesses.

Service Comes First With SiteSell SBI!

You no doubt noticed, in the previous episode, that monetization comes last in the Solo Build It! process that underpins the business model that propels SiteSell SBI! members along the path to achieving their dreams.

This is entirely on purpose. It is part of SiteSell teaching sound business principles.

Possibly the most fundamental of these principles is that Service comes first. Expecting to be rewarded before satisfying one’s customers is the most common sin committed by business people of all persuasions. Big and small.

Who is not familiar with the customer churning syndrome of big institutions? Or the discouraging search for say, a capable tradesman?
Do you see enormous opportunity - especially in your own field of expertise - in the vacuum created by others who simply do not comprehend this powerful principle? Wonderful, you are switched on. You will do well with Solo Build It!

 Comforting Correlation

You will also sense a comforting correlation between’s theme content, and the SiteSell SBI! process and philosophy, that underpins the success of a Solopreneur.

The mind expanding Principles you absorb on, can be seen working in glorious harmony within the SiteSell SBI! process. While it is true the proof of the pudding is in the eating, SiteSell offers almost overwhelming evidence that this product is all it is claimed to be.

I am well on the way of these business building procedures, with no doubts whatsoever that will be featured amongst the many other Solopreneurs who applied SBI!'s C - T - P - M process and, like cream in a jug of un-homogenized milk, rose to the top.

I say that in all humility, because my clear understanding of Natural Law assures me that because C - T - P - M competently employs the Laws of Nature for Good, and coordinated with my conscientious adherence to the Action Guide, it must be this way.

SBI! Is Nonsense And Chicanery Free

We folk who already own Solo Build It! know and appreciate SiteSell's straight talking, no nonsense approach. An approach that is as refreshing as it is confidence inspiring. When she speaks, we can believe, because she speaks only the truth.

Then we invariably prove her advice to be correct when we put that advice into practice. Ken Evoy calls this approach “keeping it real”.

The following is a typical Ken “keeping it real” quote:

"We share an understanding that evergreen works

"Square" old-fashioned business fundamentals - ported to the Net

There are no "tricks" that may work today but hurt you tomorrow

"Just" business principles that will be core to business success 1000 years from now”    

Legendary Success Rate

 Applying sound business principles, is, to put it bluntly, the only path to long term prosperity. SiteSell claims a 100 times greater rate of success than other Companies. The bottom line is she can, and does, prove her claims.

This places you center stage. SBI! is a composite entity. You are creating your own future. . .

You are the Soul of Solo build It!

The Action Guide is the Heart

The awesome support structure humming unobtrusively in the background is the Body

SiteSell, with her considerable expertise, takes care of all the time consuming, albeit necessary technical and legal background administration. Ever acting in our best interest, to the point of alerting us if we ever have to take action on an individual basis. That is her Passion.

Support Plus

The support does not stop there. SiteSell offers reassuring technical assistance whereby the same communication thread is maintained until you are happy your problem has been resolved.

I have used their assistance twice, and been twice impressed with this superb 24/ 7 service and the the helpful folk behind it.

In addition to all this are the SiteSell SBI Forums. Here, in this particularly well organized facility, you can pose queries, or more usually, find answers at the ready, to every aspect of operating an e-business. Ken Evoy's Forum mantra is "Help and be helped".

There is no mystery to the Solo Build It! legendary success rate.


SiteSell SBI is the ultimate 'How To' Machine. Even if you are a confirmed do it your-selfer – like me - you will appreciate the numerous benefits of this fully integrated, automatically updated, state of the art Powerhouse.

A powerhouse that, by providing every tool you need, the essential know how, and 24/7 technical support, allows you to focus on the most important aspect of an e-business. Actually building it, in a rewarding manner that enables you to attract - and retain - your customers.

SiteSell SBI! Rocks!

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