An Open Source World
Offers Freedom And Security

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Welcome To The Open Source World

The open source world is vibrantly real and growing. Individuals, Universities, Commercial Companies, and Governments, are amongst the contributors to one of the most exciting and inspiring undertakings attempted by we Humans.

The Open Source World will prove to be societies great leveler

An undertaking with mind boggling possibilities.

There are more than eight billion Humans now living on this Planet today. Representing eight billion powerhouses of Creative Potential.

We can all take part in this most extraordinary of enterprises that holds so much promise for a secure future.

With the passing of time open source will prove to be modern Society's consummate leveler.

The open source world is more than capable of harnessing the peacefully active brainpower of eight billion willingly voluntary minds.

Achievable in no other way, this presents the golden opportunity to set right the multitude of wrongs Humans have committed in the past.

These wrongs, while the majority were not necessarily committed with evil intent, were most certainly committed via ignorance.

Open source knowledge sharing, intelligent willing cooperation, creative collaboration, and a genuine desire to further the Common Good, can coexist happily with the very Human desire to make a buck. Action that coincidentally diminishes the incidence, and deleterious impact, of rank ignorance.

 With a positive attitude such as just mentioned problems will be seen in their true light. That is, as opportunities to make those dollars by resolving problems equitably. Candid Commerce is just as essential to creating an Equitable World as is Open source Sharing.

Is The fog Lifting?

We can observe the faint stirrings of comprehension of the power of sharing in cognizant commerce. Again, we are invited to reflect on the certainty that Understanding is everything.

The observation that many Companies are working assiduously to implement the Natural Law of cooperation in their 'strategies', in an effort to survive, and prosper, is a belated admission that sheer competition is a slippery slope to be operating on.

Creativity and collaboration are shy-fellows

 Working together, in Harmony, becomes second nature within these companies. The Principle of Cooperation endows practitioners with authentic advantage.

Cooperative Creativity, will out gun Competition, any and every day of the week.

Add a little genuine collaboration to the mix and the people involved will become acquainted with the tangible Power of their Minds.

Creativity and Collaboration are shy fellows that flourish in an amiable, welcoming, environment of Harmony and Good Will.

If these two Natural Laws are not present within our dealings with each other, then one can kiss Creativity in general, and genuine Collaboration in particular, goodbye.

The foregoing phenomenon, is, quite simply, the way of Nature.

Perfect Platform

The Open Source World, in stark contrast to Competition, provides the perfect platform for Cooperation, with the potential of leading to Creative Collaboration.

This is a world that is populated by individuals who ardently believe Freedom, both physically and psychologically, is the pivotal plank that supports the complicated infrastructure enabling we Humans to fully and effectively express ourselves.

This complex infrastructure comes together, seemingly effortlessly synchronized, reminiscent of plants growing luxuriantly, nourished in favorable growing conditions.

The premier requirement for this necessarily complex infrastructure are Mindsets founded in Harmony.

Widespread willing cooperation comes about most effectively under the conditions of freedom of Thought, where the individual can contribute with his or her wholehearted approval. By it's very nature of openness, the Open Source World provides this ideal platform.

This benevolent, inspiring nature of sharing open source resources allows every individual to compete within the original meaning of the concept of Competition. That is, taking part and contributing to something bigger than themselves. Encouraging all involved, to willingly give of their best. Strengthening the aforementioned infrastructure while-ever willingness to work in Harmony abounds.

Maintaining perfect Harmony must be a conscious effort, particularly at the beginning of new Relationships. Invigoration of the Human spirit is a bonus product of this purposeful essential maintenance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you operate in a field that depends on involvement with others, and most of us do, build yourself a reputation as a Willing Cooperator and observe the Law Of Attraction kick in.

Like minds will seek you out to work with

Other Like minds will seek you out to work with. As you will them.

Adopting the Open Source way, sharing knowledge, information, and resources, with like minds, is akin to attending a University which focuses on practical experience and outcomes.

You are learning - and teaching - the very best way for a Human to learn. That is, by observation and doing.

Theory and practice blend, make sense, and allows an individual to contribute to constructing something of lasting benefit to both one's self and one's fellows.

Seemingly ironically without being pursued, personal satisfaction, and material rewards, are the fruits of these worthwhile endeavors.

Opportunity Knocks In The Open Source World

Open source collaborative efforts are all creative. All requiring gobs of brainpower. All are ambitious, and all benefit the wider community as well as the immediate participants.

Opportunity for Open Source Collaborative Events not only abound, but it is becoming crystal clear that this mode of operation is absolutely necessary for not only progress, but downright survival of our species.

Presenting a prodigious opportunity for we Humans to finally get it right.

The inspiring lights, of the Open Source World, beckon us, congruously, with wide open arms. Will we, individually and collectively, embrace it with warmth and sincerity in return?

The Open Source World Rocks!

Part 4  Part 3

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