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Force Of Nature

In the Technical domain, Human Intelligence can take a well deserved bow. Nevertheless, a concurrent force is ever present. Undermining and threatening the stability that Good use of Technology delivers.

That force is the entirely destructive influence of evil.

A Humanity-wide Understanding of the Metaphysical Forces of Nature will render evil per se redundant., is dedicated to furthering the highly desirable State of every Human on this Planet being in the position of delivering Autonomy to his or her self. Technology and Human Behavior are inextricably entwined. Skillful management of that entwined dominion provides the means to achieve Humanity-wide Peace and Prosperity.

Significant Affinity

The timely invention of the Telephone by Alexander Graham Bell during the latter part of the nineteenth century, was the latest material development in a field that would soon come to envelop the Planet. That field being Communication.

Panoramic view of Mars taken by rover Curiosity

One more development that helps to vindicate Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's perception of his Noosphere. At the same time providing cogent evidence for the Power of Intuition.

Accessing ones Intuition is available to every Human Mind on the Planet.

At the behest of a Mind's owner.

It has long been this author's belief that the affinity between Electricity and the Human Mind, via our Brain, is significant.

The perplexing Relationship, between Electricity, Intelligence, Intuition, and Information, will become apparent when Humanity adopts a Universal Code of working together in the search for Truth. In other words, when we decide to Cooperate in absolute Harmony.

Human Intelligence is a high speed train traveling to a glorious future. Increasing velocity as it reveals one Truth after another. A train of knowledge we can all be navigators on, and help steer in the direction of that Truth.
We can exert this influence by our behavior and conduct. And by accepting nothing less than Truth, no matter the effort it takes to reveal.
Because . . .

The one, and only, thing, that can derail this fast train, of Truthful Knowledge, is evil. When we comprehend Nature and Her Laws, we learn that evil is a destructive force of choice.

Fundamental Forces

Integral to our modern lifestyles, Radio, Television, Mobile phones, Computers, Air-conditioning, Refrigerators, Lasers, Washing Machines, and the Large Hadron Collider. A few examples from an abundance of artifacts produced by fertile minds. Useful artifacts wrought from Natural phenomena Humans cannot see. 

Phenomena belonging to the four Fundamental Forces of Nature.

Four Forces that Science has so far definitely identified. Influences worth devoting a portion of our Reflective Thinking to.

These four Fundamental Forces of Nature, are at the root of pretty much everything Humanity has so far built to create the World modern Homo Sapiens lives in. If these forces were not to exist, the Universe, and us, would probably not exist either.

These phenomena apply right across the board. Integrated in every aspect of Human activity.

That sense of curiosity all intelligent Humans possess, has been well and truly whetted, and remains ever more so in the modern quest of discovery.

Tough To Start

Breakthroughs, in any field of endeavor, do not come readily. Breaking through to discovery requires a certain, and definite, Mindset.

Once a thing is proven to be true, Multitudes adopt and copy

Once a thing is proven to be True however, a multitude of Consciously Aware Minds, direct their Attention to particular discoveries.

Then adopt and copy.

Deeper minds advance a particular invention or discovery by taking it the next level.

Deep minds continuously develop the original concept, creating new products inspired by the earlier, generating an expanding ripple that broadens into a swell of productivity.

Then a flood.

This same Deeper Thinking, Reflective, Breakthrough Mindset has application in all spheres of Human endeavor. Including Relationships and Sport.

Thought And Sport

Breaking the impossible sub four minute mile sprint barrier by English Athlete Sir Roger Banister, during 1954, sparked a predictable phenomenon. Almost immediately, breaking the four minute mile barrier became a common place event amongst dedicated athletes.

Applied Human intelligence was imperative here too. Lucid in the guise of that same, certain, definite Mindset, so profitably employed in breakthroughs elsewhere.

Dedicated Sportsmen and Sportswomen Worldwide, enthusiastically comprehended, adopted, and implemented this definite Mindset much more readily and widely than other Disciplines.

Or, indeed, the population at large.

This definite mindset is nothing other than a Positive Attitude, and is available to anyone who Desires to own it.

The more an individual  practices building a Positive Thinking Mindset, the more effective and useful that individual becomes.

Fifth Fundamental Force?

The relationship between Natural Law and the Human Mind has this author's constant attention. Maybe he is sticking his neck out here, but he would not be at all surprised, if, that sometime in the future, the developed Human Mind, exerted itself, as the fifth Fundamental Force. But . . .

He is not holding his breath.

It has long been this author's considered belief that, If we are ever to see this quite possible phenomenon become Reality,  Humans would have to eradicate their primitive barbarianism and live harmoniously together on an elevated plane of Mind Expansion, otherwise known as Personal Development. On purpose.

The Human Race has all but mastered Classical Physics and now has a working knowledge of Quantum Mechanics sufficient enough to collectively orchestrate the High Tech world we live in.
We are making rapid strides in this barely explored Atomic Discipline that offers us salvation from our current self imposed material problems. Solutions to these problems are waiting for Humans to realize that it is our Attitude, towards each other, that remains the major obstacle to implementation of solutions. To our myriad woes.

These solutions will be recognized . . .

If, as a species, we are willingly cooperative, and adequately sagacious, to reach the level of Harmony necessary, in order to successfully apply our collective Human intelligence - erudite and intuitive - to resolve these cold, smothering material problems, that not merely threaten to, but will, ravage us.

If, as a species, we are smart enough, in the intelligence sense, to adopt a path of Harmony, we can repair old, and cultivate new, reciprocally and mutually beneficial Relationships. Then employ those Harmonious Relationships to repair and restore the Physical Environment that provides our subsistence, and everything else we hold close to our hearts.

Default Condition

Homo Sapiens has performed admirably in the quest for Technical Knowledge. We Humans have built on each other's contribution and passed every discovery on from generation to generation. Improving and developing every aspect imaginable.


Many discoveries however, were accompanied by astounding squabbling and bickering. This unbecoming habit is still practiced today.
Squabbling and bickering are also common to Politics, Business, Religion and Relationships.

Squabbling and bickering, per se, are noxious Undesirable Traits appearing to be the default condition of many Humans.

This sad condition can be attributed to a lack of not technical knowledge, but to a deficit of comprehension of how our Mind functions.

Any deficit of comprehension does not sit at all well with the Sapiens description we have bestowed upon ourselves.

The word Sapiens can be defined as sensible, judicious, wise, sagacious, discreet, virtuous, discerning, understanding, philosopher, sane, and rational. All innate, worthy, attributes to aspire to.

The evidence however, indicates clearly that collectively, we are not living up to these ideals. On an interactive basis Humans create as many, or more, problems, as we solve.

Surely it is time for a new way to approach and execute the amazing Societies Humanity has built despite seemingly infinite ignorant opposition from the non thinking members of our own species.

This will happen when we dare to begin to believe we can demand our Politicians jettison the odious patterns of irrational behavior that inevitably lead to suffering for all involved.

Including the protagonists of evil, themselves.

You Will Make It Your Own

Personal Development is the unitary means by which Humanity can address and resolve the multitude of Relationship and material problems we face.

The Philosophy of Personal Development has many contributors over thousands of years who built on the Spiritual discoveries of their predecessors and employed the resultant increasing Power of their own Minds, and their innate Human Intelligence, to initially, better themselves, and, once proven, offered those betterments to their fellows.
When we adopt, and practice, the collective Principles constituting Personal Development, we empower ourselves to accomplish our purpose in life with equanimity.

If you are just embarking on the exhilarating journey that is Personal Development, you may find the subject a touch disparate. But as you study, understand and progress, you will come to see it as a rock solid Entity. A distinct and mighty Authority. In due course, comprehension will be intuitive and effortless.

It will become second nature. You will practice it as easily as you breathe.

You will make it your own. You will liberate your Mind Power. Once you do, no-one, that is worth repeating, no-one, can deprive you of it.

And only you know if the following comment is possible and probable - - -

You may create something, on purpose, that will have the same impact on Humanity as did Habilis's axe. But sooner . . .

Let's Make Human Intelligence Rock!

To achieve the desirable World that every sane Human Being hankers after, Humanity per se needs to make the same rock solid progress in the Spiritual realm as we have made in the technical arena.

Nature demands that a price be paid for benefits received in the Physical World. This pertains to both Good and evil intentions.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

That price is the intimate understanding of Nature's Laws, and being prepared and determined to follow through with whatever a particular Law dictates.

This is no less True in the Spiritual World. We must pay a price for benefits received. Or pay a penalty - in the guise of unwanted results - for choosing unwisely. In either case Nature will set our Desires on the path of achievement.

The outcome is known as consequences.

Attaining Harmony

Expanding one's Mind to reach higher planes of Thinking that allow for, and enable Harmony, then practicing Higher Plane Thinking in a resolute mode, is paying the price that Nature demands to deliver Harmony.

Humans Thinking on a Higher Plane is the first step on the path to both Physical and Spiritual Harmony here on Earth.

It is also the means to achieving Teilhard de Chardin's Omega Point.

 The Human Brain is in possession of adequate intellectual capacity to create a Mind capable of arriving at the point where we are the fifth fundamental force, and beyond. Yet humanity is locked in a vicious cycle of disheartening results. Unwilling to break free, we allow Society to suffer ignominiously. This is a direct consequence of lower plane Thinking. No other reason can account for this incompetent Human Condition.

To restore the Planet that is the only address that Humanity can call Home, to a condition of Healthy functioning, along with protecting our fellow travelers, depends entirely on all of we Humans making steady progress towards a goal of Unity. Solving problems, together, on the journey to Enlightenment.

Offering profound encouragement towards attaining this highly desirable situation, more than a century ago this author's all time all round Hero Ralph Waldo Emerson, inquired with astute prescience:

Who can set bounds to the possibilities of man?


With this Thought prominent in your expanding Conscious Awareness, you will be capable of discerning if the World, via the Attitude of those we allow to lead us, is heading in the right direction.

Human Intelligence, and widespread adoption of Personal Development, otherwise known as Mind Expansion, are our best resources against the dire threat of being enveloped in chaotic attempts at subjugation, instigated by mindless, incompetent, evil tyrants who know next to nothing about advancing the Human Condition.

The time has arrived to become Enthusiastic about Personal Development, and make it Rock! our World. Applied Human Intelligence can make it happen.


Human Intelligence Rocks!

Part 26 - Part 25


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