SiteSell - Solo Build It!
And The Specter Of Fraudulence

This Needs To Be Said

The following discourse is not a common aspect of a product review - Solo Build It! in this case - but then, few products impact one’s dreams and aspirations as does a life changing decision to build a business.

With this Venue being a Personal Development website, we can take this opportunity to get to know Humanity a little better - and make an informed decision.

The dark side of Human nature will exist until intelligent behavior is adequately widespread to obviate it's attraction. In the meantime we can be aware of the existence of this drawback to progress that is inherent in Human Nature, learn to recognize it, and avoid it's horrid influence.

Proof Is Paramount

This author believes in that timeless dictum, Forewarned is Forearmed - and that proof is paramount.

Relying on Caveat Emptor - where the buyer assumes the responsibility of a given product's quality and fitness for service, is not the best way to invest in one's future.

As in most avenues of life where we must deal with others . . .

There is  a needless dark side to navigate . . .

Before establishing oneself as a Solopreneur

Wherever this dark side appears, it is created by Humans who believe they can take advantage of their fellows and prosper.

Superficially they often do, but their demise is sown within their wicked actions, and ultimately they fail.

In the meantime they shatter the dreams of innocent folk who trust them.

Legislation has little effect on a determined fraudster who believes he can outwit his less informed fellow. He will take advantage of his victim until this fellow Human obtains the necessary understanding to avoid his deceitful offerings in the first instance.

We must rely on our own acumen and ability to recognize when an offering is not all it is claimed to be.

Learning how to do this can sometimes be a painful life lesson, but at the very least we should keep at the forefront of our mind that an honest vendor will always be willing and able to prove his or her claims.

Solo Build It! Copycats

SiteSell, like many companies managed by capable Good Humans who implement sound business principles, coupled with practical vision, to produce superior products, suffer the indignity of hollow copycat attempts.

Solo Build It! is the real McCoy, it is original and remains unique. This is a powerful incentive for lesser minds to take a free ride on her coattails and pretend to be a competitor.

I hesitate to use the term clever for copycat attempts, but they have the power to fool the uninitiated in business matters. Blighting the very industry that puts food on their table.

When this happens chaos ensues and Good Humans get hurt financially and psychologically. Adding insult to injury, the time wasted can never be recovered.


To the seasoned eye of the accomplished researcher, copycat deceivers stand out like a black panther on pure, white, snow.

The  accomplished researcher, however, is not the non thinking swindler's target. A swindler's target is the inexperienced person looking for help and support.

Deception is not OK. Deception is heartbreaking.

Not Afraid

SiteSell is not afraid of genuine competition to Solo Build It!. She welcomes it. Any individual or company who is providing a worthy and worthwhile service is an asset and a credit to it’s given industry.

There is no reason for one ethical company to be afraid of other ethical companies.

Ethical companies will stand by you and their products, because they are ethical, and they value contented customers because they bring new and repeat business – the lifeblood of almost every enterprise.

The companies who are not ethical - in all they do - are the one's to be wary of. On this page, we go some way in learning how to identify fraudsters.

Unhindered By Doubt

Invective - innuendo - deception - all must be countered. The way to do this is by knowledge and understanding. Of course this takes time and effort, which initially seems like an imposition, but you will emerge from the dark into the refreshing light, confident in that new knowledge and understanding . . .

You will know why you are making the right decision . . .

Enabling you to focus - unhindered by doubt . . .

On your plans for a better life

Deceptive characters who would profit from your lack of knowledge and trusting nature, are actually providing the means for you to learn an unforgettable lesson that will help you on your journey to achieve your dream.

Albeit, achieving your dream without being hurt is our intention.

Notwithstanding the victims who have already been scarred by the predatory acts of swindlers, you can take this lesson on board right here.

Spunky Blonde's Reiteration

I had the good fortune to absorb this lesson many years ago when I was learning the principles of investing in Stocks.

My Stockbroker is a large Bank, and as does SiteSell, she provides copious valuable information for clients who are determined to educate themselves. To me, this was, and still is, a major resource, along with my many books on the subject.

In those early days I used to visit my broker’s Forums, which were well patronized. A common question coming from obviously Inexperienced Newbies was, “Hey everybody, I have $X000 to invest, what do you reckon I should buy?”

Usually there was an avalanche of recommendations with various qualifications as to why they should be accepted.

Invariably, following each outburst of tips, a lone voice would cry out, repeating the same four words of advice.

I do not know if the source of this articulate advice is a him or a her, but I do remember the avatar, Spunky Blond. I took, and still practice, Spunky’s reiteration . . .

“Do your own research”

 Two Valuable Lessons

Diligent company investigation widened my eyes, this was a whole new world to me. I learned many valuable skills that stand me in good stead to this day.

Two fundamental lessons that are pertinent to our discourse here, are both related to the Human Spirit and each other.

First was the ability to spot deceptive activity, and second was to recognize a competent leader who lived and breathed integrity. Regardless of size, all truly great Companies have Leaders who possess the combination of competence and integrity, at the helm.

Conversely, deception and lack of integrity are bedfellows. Even if a Leader appears to be outwardly honest and competent. This appearance is a sham, indicating that the holder knows that he or she is purposely deceiving others.

Confirmation of these two points leads one deeper into the workings of a company, and the marketplace it operates within. With the right Attitude however, such a fact finding mission can be an insightful and joyous adventure.

Time consuming for sure, but unlike being duped, it is time well spent. Additionally, it offers the benefit of enabling one to sleep well at night, confident that one's understanding has wrought a wise decision. Making such an undertaking well worth the effort.

Shared Values Are Vital

If a company’s board members and management team share an ethical leader’s values, and it’s marketplace offers long term opportunity to exploit their collective expertise, that is about as close to a guarantee of a worthwhile investment as one can get.

A combination such as mentioned will persist intelligently to attain it’s goals, no matter how rough the ride.

Learning these two lessons was of tremendous help in my search for sound business opportunities on the Internet.

 Business can claim to be successful when it derives it’s profits transparently . . .

- By delivering outstanding service -

Service comes first . . .

Anticipation of a benefit is the only reason a potential customer  will part with their hard earned income

When I discovered - and researched - the creator of Solo Build it! I had no doubts that this Company fulfilled the above parameters.

The abundance of proof SiteSell offered that Solo Build It! produced successful outcomes, was confidence inspiring icing on the cake of the possibilities she so proudly presents.

Solo build It! is designed to take advantage of those possibilities - with integrity.
 SiteSell’s Leader and Management Team have earned my trust, and the marketplace they are operating in offers enormous long term opportunity.

Nevertheless, notwithstanding everything you read here, I urge you to accept Spunky Blond’s advice, and do your own research.

Doing so is an element of developing Self Reliance. Self reliance in turn, is mind developing, and an integral element of being a successful Solopreneur.

Overarching Question

The overarching question to ask - when purchasing anything - is . . .

Will this company deliver what I am looking for and expect?

A precursor to anticipation is proof. Does this company have a reputation for fulfilling my expectations in a competent manner?

- SiteSell goes to great lengths to provide such proof -

Solo Build It! can hold it's head high - and look the World in the eye

Solo Build It! Rocks!

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