The Truth Seeker Need Only Devote The Requisite Effort To Uncover It

Part 9 - Part 8

Truly Great Minds Are Truth Seekers

Curiosity, and Desire to comprehend Nature's Reality, are the prevailing driving forces powering the Truth Seeker's journey to elucidation. Whilst these two Principles are essential, there is much other help Nature makes available to the seekers of What Is, via a persevering competency to expand our Mind.

Nature's help is encapsulated within the confines of the Discipline of Personal Development

It is the individual's prerogative, indeed paradoxically, obligation to investigate, comprehend, adopt, and implement, this condensed body of information Humans have so far accumulated.

Truly Great Minds are Truth Seekers and as such remain open to conflicting views even while favoring a particular viewpoint

We have made much progress with the Sciences. Men and women of science who are determined to seek Truth, and pay the price demanded by Nature, always find it.

Now is the time to adapt this effective Scientific Approach to investigating the Metaphysical.

Religion and Philosophy loiter behind Science appreciably, often hiding behind the supernatural myths and outdated dogmas that restrict Thinking, and throttle progress.

Thinking Minds find this attitude disconcerting. Leading to a breakdown in congenial discussion that would benefit all involved.

All Great Minds are invariably Truth Seekers, and as such purposely remain open to consider conflicting views. Even while favoring a particular viewpoint.

A reliable measure of a capable Intelligent Mind, is the capacity to hold two or more opposing viewpoints for consideration at the same time. Exercising a practiced ability to discern, he or she knows exactly how to uncover Truth.

The Truth Seeker becomes impervious to fake news

Combine Intelligence

This author finds his own Thoughts, reflections, and experiences, guiding him towards the same destination as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in his search for Spiritual Truth. But  . . .

There is only one Truth. We haven't reached it yet. Science, Philosophy, and Religion, all have the same goal. Finding that Truth.

This can be done faster and easier if we pour our combined Intelligence into Problem Solving. Both Material and Spiritual problems. With the intention to share the prodigious benefits such earnest Cooperation delivers.

We have not a thing to lose, and everything to gain, by implementing the astute approach of the Truth Seeker.

Achieving consensus, in the search for Truth, would be a triumph for Humanity. And alleviate the destructive stresses we are placing on ourselves and our environment.


An Intelligent Mind can sense that it is Spiritual in its makeup. This author most certainly can. If he could not, this Website, as it stands, would not exist.

An intelligent mind can sense that it is spiritual in its makeup

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin has come as close as anyone to putting meat on the bones of the spiritual enigma we all must come to terms with. In much the same way we must come to terms with our ego.

Pierre indicated the direction Humanity should be taking in our search for Truth. Emphasizing the importance of Conscious Reflection.

There is no doubt in this author's Mind that, if we are to survive as a Species, and find True Freedom, this is the future path of the Human race.

Genuine Freedom can only be achieved by individuals willingly working in concert. A sobering insight, reinforcing the fact, that the only person who can change your Mind, permanently, is you.

The Truth Seeker Can Direct Our Destiny

Directing our destiny 'simply' means learning Personal Development. Equipping ourselves to purposely influence our own Evolution for the better.

Every Thinking Human Being has entertained Thoughts of changing the World, for the better.

We can begin equipping and preparing ourselves for change by refusing to accept the status quo of the Human Condition. And, via Personal Development, underpin, and reinforce, sound preparation, by taking complete charge of our own Mind.

Henceforth, cooperating in Harmony with Nature, and each other, we can now incrementally change the direction of our destiny. Shaping ourselves and the future to our own liking.

Mutual Moral Thinking on the highest plane and the action that ensues from such Thinking, is our best option for change to date. It is no coincidence that changing the World requires all Humans to work in concert.

It is now entirely up to that individual contribution of each and every one of us to deepen our learning and comprehension of Human Nature and Natural Law, and bring our desired destiny into focus. In the process we will be constructing an environment comprised of Joy, Freedom, Prosperity and Abundance.

This will be achieved by the Truth Seeker

 Let us follow Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's lead and help meliorate Humanity to be capable of achieving his inevitable Omega Point the only way this elevated goal can be reached. That is, oxymoronically, - via our collectively individual participation.

 Enormous Benefits

The higher reaches of Spiritual Intelligence dispenses mental wings to the Truth Seeker, supercharging our Intellects. With residual surplus influencing every endeavor we undertake.

No drawbacks of lower plane thinking

Communicating with Spiritual Intelligence on higher planes of Thought, delivers solutions corresponding to the depth of our individual Desires.

At the same time, the actions we implement benefit our Fellow Beings.

As a plant flourishes, luxuriantly and disease free, when nurtured in its favorite environment, we Humans, employing Right Thinking - meaning Accurate Thinking, and aspiration to Truth, can create our own favorable environment. Globally.

With none of the icky drawbacks and chaotic repercussions spawned of Lower Plane Thought.

The Truth Seeker Rocks!

Part 9 - Part 8

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