The Laws Of Nature And Human Behavior 

Response And Prediction

The Laws of Physics, incorporated into the Laws of Nature, are relevant and essential to everything material.

Every physical event is dependent on and responds in a predictable manner to the relevant laws of Nature

Physical events are dependent on, and respond in a predictable manner, in given circumstances, to the relevant laws of Nature.

If we know these exact circumstances we can generally and confidently predict what the product, or consequence, will be.

Understanding this reality has proven to be enormously beneficial to Humanities material progress.


Misuse has leveraged much mental and physical agony by evil minds.

Good Humans do not harm on purpose.

Nonetheless, we often need experience to appreciate the full impact of the consequences of our actions.

As we make progress on the path of mind expansion, we become evermore conscious of this caution, and examine our intentions with wisdom borne of our experiences, and our determination to understand Nature's inexorable Laws.

Doing the right thing becomes our unquestionable priority. We ‘know’ we are building on rock solid foundations.

One Entity

Integrated with and inseparable from physical laws are the Spiritual laws. Which themselves are integrated with and inseparable from, Human nature.

Natural law and Human nature make the driving force of our existence and is of vital interest to Personal Development.

Whilst the laws of physics can be described mathematically, Spiritual Laws cannot, - at least not yet - but they are none the less real.

When these two disciplines are understood and employed as one Entity we create a partnership with Nature, and She becomes our greatest ally.

Working in partnership with Natural Law establishes one solidly on the path of mind expansion that leads to the discovery and comprehension of the greatest secret of the mind.

Thinking Is Communicating With Nature

Natural law is so eager to please it gives you exactly what you ask for. What you are thinking and are emotional about. And prepared to go the extra mile to achieve.

Natural law works equally well for Good or evil

Nature does not make distinctions between 'Good' and 'evil' - it is we Humans who make that call.

How be it, Mother Nature does not suffer fools. Gladly or otherwise.

She has established the rules and provided us with the intelligence to interpret them.

She does not play favorites.

If I misconstrue her Law and get it wrong, She will fulfill my demand as requested. The consequences of my demands are my responsibility.

All the same, if I desire a certain result, Good or evil, which is possible within her all encompassing jurisdiction, I must do it her way or waste my time. 

These conditions represent a double edged sword – On the one hand failure provides an opportunity to learn. On the other hand, each misinterpretation carries with it the consequences of damage and loss. Epitomized in the simple, often ignored adage, measure twice, cut once.

You will be aware of the crucial role one's thinking ability plays here.

A skill of considerable magnitude is to develop your capacity to commit the majority of mistakes in your imagination. Before you embark on creating physical reality.

This skill applies equally to the Physical Laws and the Spiritual Laws.

No Limits – But . . .

Nature places no limits on the number of attempts one may make to achieve success in any endeavor.

None the less, She insists we accept responsibility for our actions.

Neglecting these responsibilities introduces additional circumstances which must be dealt with at some stage. No matter the station in life a person may occupy, we witness Humans violating this fundamental requirement of Harmony every day. Introducing chaos and denying themselves the creation of joy.

This lack of limits holds true for Good or evil intentions. We are entirely free to choose what path to follow. Nature responds to our thoughts and actions without prejudice.

Each path though, elicits vastly different manifestations, and it is best that we clearly understand the laws of Nature intimately enough to predict the long term consequences of our thoughts, decisions and actions.

Our misinterpretation of the Spiritual Laws of Nature is a primary cause of strife amongst Humans.

 Laws of Nature - Dependable And Reliable

Unlike Human made laws, you will never find the laws of Nature being amended or rescinded.

This beautiful woman does not negotiate

Dependable and reliable, it is well worth the effort to learn, understand, and apply them.

Nature's laws do not require a bevy of lawyers to interpret them, nor a judge and jury to deliver a verdict.

Most significantly, in the eyes of Nature every individual on the planet is an equal Human being.

No person is a nobody. We all possess much potential in one or more directions. Appropriately applying Mother's Laws allows each one of us to realize that potential.

Confirming Her dependability and reliability, when dealing with Nature, She leaves one with the nous to understand Her, that She is in command.

This beautiful woman does not negotiate. The failure to comprehend this is the root cause of all mistakes. She is the Universal Comptroller. Her books, at her discretion, must, and do, balance.

It is worth repeating Francis Bacon's thought provoking advice here.

“To control Nature, we must obey Her.”

While the above Quote is essentially true, I have changed one word. My confession can be examined on this page.

Fulfilling Bacon's Worthy Advice

Learn this as self taught and you will realize that you can learn anything you set your mind to

Mastering this philosophy is simply developing the ability to understand the Laws of Nature generally, but in particular as they relate to Human behavior.

It is well within the capabilities of a committed, determined person, who has the courage to become his or her own teacher.

Learn this as self taught and you will realize you can learn anything that you can set your mind to. Gaining mental and physical dexterity comes with study and practice.

With study, comprehension and practice one becomes competent. And from that point on, appropriately applying the laws of Nature becomes part of our everyday activities. And you will go on to discover the greatest secret of your mind.

A Bonus

The ever present temptation in our lives to take a short-cut will have lost it's power to influence you. Instead, it will serve as a useful reminder that your efforts are focused in the right direction, for the right reasons. Success and harmony is only a matter of effort and time.

What better place to be?

The Laws of Nature Rock!

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