Business Mindset
The Key To Reaching Business Goals

Business Mindset From The Outset

When contemplating the possibility of becoming a Solopreneur, comprehending that a Business Mindset is fundamental to success, should be a priority. A business is not - in the usual sense - a Hobby, where one can make their own rules.

In keeping with Natural Law that operates the entire Universe, there are Principles applicable to commerce, which when implemented scrupulously, will deliver rewards commensurate with effort.

Developing a business mindset encompasses an awareness of everything that enables an enterprise to fulfill the predetermined expectations of it’s proprietor. - In this case you - Hence the importance of such a positive mindset from the very start.

Why waste time?

Predetermined Expectations indicate that you have expended the necessary effort to decide just what you want your business to deliver. Common goals are $X per month with the potential to grow in line with your expectations. 

Freedom to do your thing your way has always been attractive to spirited minds. Personal satisfaction is high on the common list, as is Social Status.

The Solo Build It Action Guide ushers and escorts you on this journey of awareness in such a fashion that you feel a Personal Mentor is working with you

Quality mentors are the most valuable people on the Planet

Bright New World

 As SiteSell have fondly documented, Expectations are personal and vary widely. How you achieve them, though, is a universally proven practical matter of following sound business principles, consistently.

Understanding ‘Principles’, akin to understanding ‘Tools’ - the two can be used interchangeably to a great extent  - demands a shift in consciousness.

Unless one is already familiar with using tools, and principles as tools, in a subconscious manner, the first response is often an incredulous ‘That’s a tool??’  Particularly when expected to use it in an abstract fashion. Your mind is your greatest tool.

Although somewhat demanding to begin with - not unlike learning a new Language or Culture - this shift opens up a bright new world of the possible. You will soon be acting just like the pros who keep a Nation’s economy humming, unfazed by external circumstances, because they understand the Principles that allow their businesses to flourish.

Once again - the wisest course to take is to follow the Action Guide

 The Solo Build It! Action Guide takes you step by step - from idea to income - using the same principles  the pros use

If you are already familiar with operating a business you will be more than happy to follow the Action Guide

You will recognize both the soundness of this plan and the tremendous amount of effort it would take to produce your own equivalent predetermined route to success

  Diminished Costs - Increased Demands

With the advent of the Internet, the financial burden of establishing a business has all but evaporated.

The monetary costs of building a Solopreneur business online are minuscule compared to establishing an income in the bricks and mortar world. Even more so when one reaches an understanding of just what Solo Build It! offers.

Where else can one obtain the equivalent to a formal MBA whilst constructing a business?

Low cost, however, can encourage a casual attitude and discourage a Business Mindset. Monetary costs may be low, but not time.

Lost time can never be recovered.

Maximizing time efficiency is a major reason to be, and stay, business focused. with SBI! you are off to a great start . . .   learning by doing.

Low cost aside, as far as establishing a successful e-business goes, little else has changed. In fact one could deem demands are more stringent online than off.

Definite Advantage

In the spirit of genuine Personal Development - it takes a disciplined mind to produce quality - these stringent online demands are a definite advantage, and are presented on two fronts.

  • One front is technical and is orchestrated by the Search Engines, whose ultimate goal is to provide the exceptional answers searchers are seeking. Those searchers include you and me.
  • The other is Creative. Within your area of expertise, you provide the exceptional answers the search engines want to deliver to the folk who are seeking them.

 Stringent demands are not to be shied away from, but to be embraced. A quality website is an asset to the World Wide Web. Anything else is just so much more clutter for the search engines to wade through, identify, weed out and sideline - meaning ignore.

Your sense of reality will confirm if any demand is legitimate and will advance the search engines goal of enhancing a searcher’s experience - or not

A business mindset and the solo Build It! Action Guide allow you to anticipate and master these demands with Alacrity and Gusto - two of the most influential Tools available to the Human intellect

Equity Is Real

Constructing a quality content site is of utmost importance to you as a Solopreneur, aka niche web business operator. You are assembling an asset with income potential, and resale value.

SiteSell provides the tools that enable you to build and maintain quality. Utilizing your BAM, you do the rest. Maintaining Quality is part of Ken Evoy’s 'keeping it real' approach.

An approach that works.

You dictate the income potential, but ultimately, market conditions dictate the resale value of a business. As a rule of thumb, a solid enterprise can command between one and four times the annual revenue it generates.

Knowing this is an incentive to adopt a business mindset from the day you decide a Web Business is for you. Equity is real.

Your e-business is just as real an enterprise as a bricks and mortar business:

Everything you do - every thought you have while working your way through the Action Guide - needs to be about your business

Your site is simply a tool you use to reach your income targets and other business goals

Ken Evoy

Low Barriers -  High Casualties

Wherever one finds low barriers to entry, one finds high casualty rates. The barriers to entry are low for an e-Solopreneur and the casualties correspondingly high.

This fact should in no way deter you

It is merely a product of a misunderstood interpretation that low barriers mean easy money can be made. This of course attracts the want something for nothing brigade, who, not prepared to learn and apply themselves, give up at the first or second hurdle.

Counter-measures To Failure

There are two counter-measures to this high casualty rate that should instill the confidence necessary to reach your goals:

  • One is to have a sound action plan, that you thoroughly understand
  • The other is to possess the ability, and determination, to execute your sound action plan

With your mind so armed, the low barriers become a tremendous advantage.

You have every right to employ this advantage. In fact, once you embark on your venture, it is a responsibility to do so.

  Evidence Of Feasibility 

If you were purchasing a business, you would want evidence of a history of earnings, in the form of official accounting records, that the income claimed by the seller was genuine.

One should be as astute when investigating building a business from scratch, via a paid subscription for access to a method that promises you that you will succeed.

What success stories does the method that takes your fancy provide, to reassure you it does indeed enable you to prosper?

A business mindset, from the outset, will ensure you obtain an accurate answer to this all important question.

An integral element of a business mindset is the steady awareness of Business Goodwill.

A Business Mindset Rocks!

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