Investigating The Mystery of Spiritual Intelligence

Part 3 - Part 2

Yet to Be Understood

Science cannot yet explain this mysterious Spiritual Intelligence component of life, and the Universe per se. Placing it - sometimes with the intention to relegate - in the category of Metaphysics.

Metaphysics can be best described as the study of the non-material World. That which cannot be perceived by our physical senses. As opposed to the study of Physics, which can.

Thought intuition creativity and consciousness fall into this realm

Metaphysics could also be described as subjects we do not comprehend, and have yet to determine the Natural Laws that illuminate Metaphysical function and performance.

The role Metaphysics plays in the manifestation of Reality is too the focus of earnest scientific inquiry.

The following phenomena:

  • Consciousness
  • Thought
  • Intuition
  • Creativity

fall into the realm of Metaphysics.

Several intelligent attempts, including String Theory, are being conducted to express a Grand Unified Theory. Connecting the divide between Quantum Mechanics and Classical Physics.

In the same astute manner of inquiry that proved Electricity to be a single flow, possessed of two distinct parts.

In a similar fashion we may, nay, will, eventually connect the divide between the Physical and the Spiritual.

Thought, Creativity, Intuition, and Consciousness, could well be found to be identifiable parts of the one force. And closely associated with Quantum Mechanics.

We Know

We readily accept that Evolution is responsible for the physical changes and environmental adaptation of a given species, including Humans.

This author's reasoning and reflections, suggests to him that a related Force is at work in the Intelligence department. This Spiritual Force, unlike Electric Current, can not be perceived by our Physical Senses. But, like electric current, effects of its use are readily recognized. Good consequences, and evil.

Spiritual Intelligence is detected and processed by the Subconscious Mind

The Human Mind is a Metaphysical Element which cannot be detected by the Physical Senses. Yet we all 'know' our Mind exists.

Spiritual Intelligence Is A Polarizing Subject

Spiritual Intelligence is disturbingly, a most contentious constituent concerning the Human Mind.

Science does not yet comprehend the phenomenon of Spiritual Intelligence. We know not the well-spring of this Powerful Driving Force, that so effectively operates the Universe, with such dependable, observable, precision. Sadly, it remains a polarizing topic, subject to opinion.

Proponents embrace it completely. Opponents tend to reject it outright. This author's position is that of complete acceptance. For good reason. Every time he applies this force of Nature to definite ends, it works consistently and reliably. It is his constant companion.

How it works is another matter and remains a subject of hypothesis.That is a hypothesis that fascinates him. He has found that, as with any subject you care to mention, an Open Minded approach delivers insights obtainable in no other honest way. In this ambience, he offers this brief consideration:


We are well aware our physical senses do not produce what they detect. Awareness comes about via our ability to study, analyze, and comprehend, tempered by a Desire to seek Truth.

Our eyes do not produce light, as once commonly believed. Our ears do not produce sound.

Spiritual Intelligence - proponents embrace it completely, opponents reject it outright

Our nose does not produce odor -  Touch does not produce feelings, or taste buds flavor.

Why is it then, that we Humans find it so difficult to contemplate that our Brain does not produce Thought?

What if our Brain is a Metaphysical Sense Organ, receiving, processing, and transmitting Thought? 

Getting in touch with Spiritual Intelligence, or whatever name you prefer to know it by, is a good starting point to grasp an understanding of this Power that operates the Human Mind, and the Cosmos.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Closer to home, a French born Catholic Priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) brings the Spiritual aspect of life into vivid focus by localizing it to our beautiful blue Planet. With his Noosphere.

Pierre captures the essence of Spiritual Intelligence, as it is understood, in the context of this philosophy, with his deep and perceptive Thinking.

Teilhard de Chardin brings the Spiritual aspect of life into vivid focus

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Geologist, Paleontologist, Anthropologist, and a Jesuit Priest, was summarily exiled to China by his Religious Order, in an attempt to prevent his writings, and views, ever reaching an audience.

In his appreciably densely written illuminating book, The Phenomenon of Man, Pierre has come as close as anyone - before or after him - to making sense of spiritual phenomena in a scientific manner.

Pierre Teilhard's Thought evoking book was published posthumously.

Published first in his native French language in 1955 and later, the English language in 1959. This book contains his most important and influential Thinking on Evolution and Thought.

Little Comfort

Being a Jesuit Priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was obligated to seek permission from his superiors to speak publicly, or publish his writings. When Pierre's superiors realized his views disagreed in some measure with the doctrine of their Religious Order, he was prohibited from public speaking or publishing his writings, and removed from former teaching roles.

It would have been of little comfort to him when Pius XII, the then reigning Pope, announced publicly, two years before Chardin's death, that Darwin's Theory of Evolution, did not conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church, and these Jesuit bans remained in force.

Interference Of Narrow Minds

Fortunately for us, this anti-truth, manipulative type of permission can only be demanded while an author is living, and The Phenomenon of Man was published shortly after his death.

The interference of narrow minds placed enormous strains on free thinking souls

It is distressing to note that what Chardin considered a key element in the Intellectual advancement of the Human species, full personal expression, was to him denied.

The interference of narrow minds in pursuit of selfish control, across all our history, has inflicted enormous strains on the Free Thinking entities who possess the audacity to exercise their Free Thinking abilities.

Rampant, shallow, narrow Minds are still much active today. Constraining and restraining progress towards Enlightenment, Peace, and Prosperity.

Akin to the resistance demonstrated by the resolute tree that withstands lashing storms and searing heat that Nature throws at it, and grows to be tall, straight and strong, these same narrow Minds, then and now, are mere obstacles to progress.

Mere obstacles that by overcoming, strengthened, and continue to strengthen, the able and determined Truth Seeker

Moral use of Spiritual Intelligence will prevail - if we choose it to be so

Spiritual Intelligence Rocks!

Part 3 - Part 2

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