The Essential Requirements
  Cooperation and Collaboration

Cooperation And Collaboration Is A Gift

Cooperation and Collaboration comes congenitally with Humans. We are born candidates designed to work together. You can do one thing, I can do another, someone else, something else.

Nature is an indispensable ally to have on our side. she holds the answer to every inquiry we can make

We have proven beyond all doubt that we need each other. The proof is the Society we have caused to exist. And now live in.

A society ever beseeching itself for fearless and innovative behavioral refinement.

Sharing is the most effective way to refine anything. When we accept this premise, our single enemy is evil.

In common with various Animals, we Humans possess the capability to Cooperate and Create.

Other animals, as far as one can tell, cooperate and create merely to survive. This they do with cool, consummate skill.

We Humans, on the other hand, can Cooperate and Create not only to survive, but to dramatically improve and enhance our quality of life and standard of living.

This Priceless Gift from Nature, is just one such gift in which we all Share, but execute in our own way, is what sets us apart from all other creatures. Creatures, to whom otherwise, we are, genetically, closely related.

Exploiting Our Gifts

Each of us has one or more talents that can be exploited. Either as an individual or as part of a team.

To facilitate the exploitation of this awe-inspiring gift of Creativity, Humans, via our expanded Cerebral cortex, have access to Principles provided by Nature for just that purpose. Nature is an indispensable ally to have on our side. As an individual or as a group.

She holds the answer to every inquiry we can make.

We witness outstanding examples of these Principles working for our benefit, but we tend not to be consistent in our deliberate use of these powerful allies. Instead, we allow ourselves to get entangled in disagreement and discord.


Overcoming disagreement and discord is a major key to opening the door to the higher reaches of Creativity that enables Human Advancement. The willingness to work in concert with others to attain this admirable and essential status of advanced Society, is the hallmark of one on the path of Personal Development. 

Personal Development is the agency that permits and allows us to expand our Mind, and lose ourself, by finding ourself. This is the process of Enlightenment.

Taking charge of our ego paves the way that allows the genuine self to shine through. Where Harmony prevails.

While ever this Harmonious State Of Mind prevails, the principle of Collaboration is perceived and recognized as perpetual and magnificent potential, a Creation Mechanism extraordinaire.

An awe inspiring Action Mechanism that delivers and facilitates access to the Sheer Potential the Universe offers.

The Principle of Collaboration works inexorably once set in motion and passionately nurtured with the essential requirements mentioned in this article. Serving us unfailingly when given the appropriate environment.

As do the Elements, the building blocks that compose the Cosmos, require specific conditions for their unfailing production, so too, do Creative Efforts.

Harmony Paramount

Whether a collaborative undertaking is simple or complex, establishing and maintaining Harmony is paramount to achieving the end goal.

The whole purpose of collaboration is to work together in harmony, to create synergy

Recognizing and observing the cardinal right of an Individual to Autonomy, and Self Reliance, is the first step in forming a Collaborative Undertaking.

In complex undertakings, establishing a platform of freedom to work on and create within, is essential.

A platform that is grounded in Freedom underpins a modus operandi that provides complete support. Including morale, financial support, and material resources.

Such a modus operandi should be overseen within a Trusting Hierarchy who understand that to meddle, or interfere, with the functioning of a collaborative endeavor is simply counter productive.

These initial stages of cultivating this harmonious group is akin to raising a delicate seedling, tentatively emerging from the soil, seeking the warmth of the Sunlight that will nurture and sustain it to healthy maturity.

 An Enlightened Hierarchy, who trust their Team, and themselves, implicitly, from a viewpoint of knowledge, and understanding, of these essential requirements, is every bit a component of a successful Collaboration undertaking as is Creative Input.

Personal Responsibility

It is necessary to Cooperate in order to Collaborate. Comprehending this necessity brings into sharp focus the role Personal Responsibility plays in such an alliance.

Willing people are always a joy to work with, no matter the activity

Every participant must be Consciously Aware of, and respect, the healthy predilections of every member of a Collaborative Group. Doing so engenders willingness to cooperate.

Willing people are always a joy to associate with, the activity matters not. When exercised in a Good sense.

Personal Responsibly will ensure wrong behavior is nipped in the bud before it impacts the  Group Harmony necessary for Creative Progress.

. It is worth repeating the statement that Willing people are always a joy to work with, no matter what the activity. When individuals practice the Laws of Personal Development until these Laws become Habit, Harmony is guaranteed.

Willing Cooperation promotes a salutary climate. Liberating latent energy for creative pursuit that would otherwise be dissipated in counter productive, often destructive, squabbling and bickering. The two mortal enemies of Cooperation and Collaboration.

An enhanced sense of responsibility is as essential to effective Cooperation and Collaboration as is the cardinal right to Autonomy and Self Reliance.

The Show goes On

An individual embarking on a Collaborative Endeavor must be prepared to understand, and be capable of understanding, given and dynamic - in the sense of changing - situations, to be able to create harmoniously with other like minds. Often, objectives simply seem impossible to attain.

The Wright Brothers exemplify the inexorable dominion Collaboration offers when faced with the generally conceived "impossible".

A Collaborative Group can be considered a microcosm in the likeness of De Chardin's Omega Point, wherein multiple independent individuals form a Composite Whole.

In being such, this Whole is capable of accomplishing objectives an Individual working alone  could never hope to do. At least not without many lifetimes as a super polymath.

The Gifts of Cooperation and Collaboration have proven Beyond Doubt to be Integral Powers in both the progress of Human Relationships and the mastering of Technology.

Cooperation And Collaboration Rocks!

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