To Realize A Healthy Ego
One Must Win A Personal Tug Of War

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Enhanced Self Image

The alliance you enter into, with yourself, to build a Healthy Ego, must be, in common with all prosperous partnerships, based on sharing the highest principles.

Others will notice this sound basis of your personality as a matter of course

As you develop and implement these principles they will enhance, and be reflected in, your self image.

Others will recognize the auspicious foundation of your self image as a matter of course.

These highest principles we share can be found in the Natural Laws available to all Humans.

These Laws are embodied in the Philosophy of Personal Development.

An enhanced self image, a product of high self esteem and a healthy ego, is constructed over a lifetime.

When circumstances change, you improve your self image to counter them, by becoming ever more capable and competent. You know, and assert your moral rights. Generously extending these same rights to all others.

An integral part of Personal Development, tailoring your self image is an endeavor that never ends. The longer you live the better it gets. This continuous improvement delivers abundant satisfaction, as we become one with the driving force of the Universe -  Spiritual Intelligence.

Conjunction with Spiritual Intelligence is Enlightenment. your Inner sight becomes acute. You make connections that would otherwise elude you. Problem solving is a joy.

First though, we must become one with ourselves.

Expect A Battle

In the beginning there will necessarily be a personal struggle. One's unrestrained ego is a wily opponent, used to getting it's own way. Predominantly unopposed.

Humans have a general unawareness of the consequences of their actions

Human Beings generally do what they want to do. As opposed to doing what we should do.

More often than not we find ourselves responding to our unfettered ego's bidding. Regardless of whether it is the right thing to be doing under the circumstances.

Doing so, is indulging impulsiveness, and should not be associated with criminal activity.

Criminal activity is a different - inferior - mindset altogether. In this instance, we are dealing with Conscious Awareness.

Humans display a general absence of awareness of the consequences of their actions. Thereon we can be the victim of our, rash, decision making.

This personal struggle is one of the toughest challenges you will ever face. Albeit this primary struggle with the ego is a struggle every Human on Earth must face.

Win or lose.

Minimum Force Required

Attention should be drawn to the fact that building a healthy ego is not achieved by mere force. That is, the use of sheer Willpower.

The misuse of force is at the ignorant - often heinous - end of Human behavior and is a clear indication of the primitive ego being in control.

The misuse of force applies to all distorted Human relationships, ranging from two squabbling individuals to governments indulging in violence and warfare.

Note the statement, misuse of force. Not legitimate use. We can use a mechanical analogy to put this difference into perspective.

This author has a mechanical engineering workshop. One of the Tools used on a regular basis is a 30 ton hydraulic press, which he built to suit his own particular purpose.

Pressing metal components together is a very effective, efficient method of manufacture and assembly in the appropriate circumstances. Benefits include reduced use of materials, time, and usually, but not always, eliminating the need for fasteners.

Caveat In Place

Hydraulic Presses, useful in the extreme, when needed, obviously use force. But there is a distinct caveat in operation each and every time this press is used to assemble components.

When pressing components together, one component is machined larger than the part it will mate with. This size difference is known as tolerance. Tolerances are specific to component mass and material type, measured in thousandths of an inch.


If tolerances are miscalculated, either too little or too great, The work will be destroyed.

Work destruction is not just a waste of materials, but depending on the job, an irretrievable waste of time, from hours to days.

As we know only too well, lost time can be costly indeed.

Human relationships respond to the laws of force in exactly the same manner as do inert materials.

A healthy ego is vitally aware of this, and puts it to positive application.

Nelson Mandela, a man, a Statesman, who needs no introduction, is a fine example of awareness and positive application of force.

A Healthy Ego Is Competent

The volatile Power of Force should be handled with deliberate respect and comprehension of the consequences of utilization of this Power. We witness the devastating effects in Human and material terms, of incompetent use of force in daily life. Epitomized by the bully.

Standing out like a sore thumb, whether he or she is active in the workplace, home, religion, school, street, or politics, the force abuser is putting on public display, their poor self image and deficit of knowledge.

The last thing you want to bully is your own ego.

Far more effective is amiable persuasion. Using force gently in the form of encouragement to persist in doing the Right Thing. And following through.

How Well Do You Know You?

A major step on the path to a healthy ego and self image is to recognize and acknowledge your Inner Voice as a 'Separate Entity'. Employing it as such is an indispensable Tool.

A major step on the road to a healthy ego is to recognize and acknowledge your inner voice

Via the same manner that furnishes one with the capability to appreciate another Human, you can get to know and appreciate, oneself.

Our inner voice is a loquacious chatterbox. It is incessantly seeking attention.

As an unattended garden cries out for loving care and guidance, from a dedicated, astute, knowledgeable gardener, our inner voice too, cries out for attention, care, and friendship, from a guiding, intelligence seeking, Mind.

Aka a healthy ego. Our wise Inner Voice and open, intelligence seeking Mind, were made for each other.

Healthy Egos Rock!

Part 2 - Part 1

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